People, Products & Places I love

Over the years I have found pages that are both interesting, inspiring and really helpful in terms of food, nutrition, recipes etc. A couple are friends pages, some are local businesses and a few are just a feast for the eyes! Worth checking out when pinterest, food gawker, healthy aperture have been exhausted for the afternoon…!

Nosh Gourmet Food and Gifts
842 Albany Highway
Wonderful little shop full of intriguing gourmet food – including Roar Superfoods products (which includes wonderful raw, organic, sugar free, gluten free, amazing chocolate), cacao powder, agave syrup. Plus teas, muesli (including my favourite Anskos brand), nougats, cheeses and lots of other quirky, fun and interesting bits! The service is always friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. (It’s just down the road from The Precinct so you can kill two birds with one stone!) Follow them on Facebook too, under Nosh Gourmet Food & Gifts.
Food for Function – really interesting blog by a friend of a friend of mine – food and its effect on the body. Yummy recipes!

Great products to try:
Activeats – love their rawnola, great on yoghurt!
Loving Earth – all sorts of awesome, good for you products!
Cheap Superfoods – the name says it all. They do a great trial pack!
Rawsome – raw, vegan, paleo, dairy free, grain free, sugar free and utterly delicious! Products are available all over Perth now! and absolutely recommend their “carawmel slice”! It’s amazing!
Pura Veda – a delicious mix of seeds and ancient grains that is good sprinkled on breakfast, salads, mixed through Bircher Muesli – available now at most health food stores.
Crumbles Muesli – healthy organic muesli and it is amazing. They do a great trial pack with free shipping, well worth taking advantage of.
Inner Ego  fresh juices cold pressed juices in WA – read about my 2 day juice cleanse!
Pure Glow Cleanse – more fresh juices made in Perth! Read about my 1 day cleanse!
Brookfarm – everything they make is delicious!

Favourite recipe websites:
Skinnytaste – taco chilli chicken. Love. Instagram @skinnytaste
Healthy Food Guide – I subscribe to this magazine monthly, great articles as well as recipes.
BBC Good Food

Some pretty amazing fellow bloggers:
Matt at Inspired Food – I warn you that following Matt on Instagram @mattc17 is a slow and horrible torture – beautiful photos of amazing Mexican food.
Laura’s Mess – wow, this girl can paint a picture with words! Check out her pics on Insta @laurasmess

Hard to find foods:
IHerb – fantastic website for pretty much everything healthy you could ever possibly need – plus supplier of PB2. You can use my code at the checkout to receive $10.00 off your first order. Code: RDQ282

My Fit Fam – these gorgeous girls are amazing and provide me with inspiration and healthy ideas every day! Please check out their blogs and follow them on Instagram!

Emma @healthy_em
Jenna @jennafelicity
Amelia @ameliaharveyhealth – nutrition and wellness coach
Kavisha @kavisha_jega – food and wellness coach
Vanessa @nesscooks – great breakfast inspiration
Erin @_erinconnors_
Chrissy @inspireandperspire
Jeremy @fearless__prophet – king of everything fermented!

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