Random Ramblings

Salted Caramel & Fairy Dust. A satire about dining out.

Some light hearted entertainment about how having smart phones has changed the way we dine!

“Food arrives. Prime phone time. Make sure everybody gets sufficient pictures! Can you light up my food so I can take a good pic? Do restaurants dim lighting to discourage food photography, I wonder? It does make me laugh when a big group of us bombard a restaurant and subsequently our poor Instagram followers with all the same pictures. Now, move your glass, it’s photobombing my pic.”


My Pure Glow (Juice) Cleanse

“This gorgeous, bright, happy looking juice below, number 4, is made from carrot, apple, grapefruit, turmeric, ginger and lemon. This was my favourite juice of the day – which surprised me because I’m not usually a grapefruit or a turmeric fan so well done PGC – you have converted me!”


A few of my favourite things!

“I went to Melbourne for a long weekend a few weeks ago and managed to check out some great foodie spots and the Melbourne Good Food and Wine show! If you’re heading to Melbourne soon (as I will be again on the 21st! Yay!) then I thoroughly recommend you check out Silo by Joost – another lovechild of Matt Stone and Joost Bakker. You can sit and watch all the goings on in the kitchen, chat to the chefs and as an added bonus they serve delicious food and coffee.”


My 2 day Juice Cleanse

“The cleanse involved a total of eight juices each day. I planned a road trip to Katanning for work on the Monday, thinking if I was starving out of my mind I would be far, far away from the fridge and the pantry! I needn’t have bothered though, at no point during the day was I hungry. In fact, totally the opposite! The juices aren’t like the crap you can buy in supermarkets. They are thick, they almost coat your mouth with freshness! You can’t skull them, you need to take your time and enjoy them.”


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