Welcome to Feed your Soul, Perth!

IMG_5792This is me.

I am a twenty something Interior Decorator with a huge passion for cooking, eating, fitness and nutrition! Those of my loyal friends who I’m sure will be following this blog religiously *wink* will know that my brain is constantly thinking about food. Constantly.

Let me start by saying that I am in no way qualified in any kind of nutrition or health sciences. I like to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. I spend hours devouring cook books and healthy food blogs on the internet and I feel there is nothing more therapeutic than a day spent in the kitchen cooking for family and friends. The ‘Recipes’ page features some of my favourite recipes that are suitable for every day, healthy and nutritious living!

Check out my ‘Restaurants‘ page. I love going out for meals, particularly brunch as I feel time spent talking, laughing and enjoying your friends and family with food is seldom wasted. If anybody has discovered an amazing restaurant I want to hear about it!

I am a frequent Urbanspoon user and I don’t go anywhere without checking out the blogger reviews first so all my reviews have Urbanspoon links for your convenience! I am also on Yelp!

The ‘People, places and products I love‘ page is purely to introduce you to some of my favourite websites and local Perth businesses that produce something special and worthwhile going out of your way to find!

‘Extras and Inspiration‘ is a collection of posts about special days spent at Food Festivals, Festive Season wrap ups and a few other ‘extras’ – funnily enough!

ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME ON INSTAGRAM??? @feedyoursoul_perth. I am always adding pictures and if there is anything that you particularly want a recipe for – I am happy to oblige!

I am looking forward to sharing my food love with you and I hope you try out some of the recipes and restaurants!

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