Step by step guide to BLISS BALLS!

Bliss balls. I have been making an absolute truck load of these lately and I have had a ball (pun intended) experimenting with different flavours! These make such a great on-the-go snacks and they are perfect for my Saturday morning hiking missions!


I have started helping out some absolutely gorgeous girls who have taken the big leap of starting and running their own businesses (something I am only just starting to understand the logistics of…!) and are struggling to find the time to maintain a healthy eating regime. I’ve been cooking heaps of grab & go or reheatable food that they can eat on the run throughout their busy days; soups, bircher muesli, fritters, muffins, frittatas, banana bread and bliss balls!

In order to keep it interesting each week I have been getting creative in the kitchen and trying out all sorts of flavour combinations. Each time I post a picture on Instagram (@feedyoursoul_perth) I undoubtably get asked for recipes so this is my BASIC GUIDE TO BLISS BALLS.

Into a food processor goes the following:

  1. Pick a base or a ‘filler’: Something that is going to give body to your balls. My favourite are: quinoa flakes, oats, protein powder or coconut (most of my balls contain coconut!
  2. Fatten them up: Add some nuts. Raw cashews work really well as they seem to be softer than other nuts but use whatever you like. Other options that work well are sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, peanuts or again, coconut if you didn’t use it above.
  3. Sticky fingers: you now need something that’s going to bind everything together. I usually use two things here: something to flavour and something to sweeten. Think nut butter and raw honey, coconut oil and maple syrup, medjool dates and chocolate spread (I am loving Mayver’s spreads at the moment – their chocolate super spread is to die for!)

Note: Make sure you are using a nut butter that comprises of nothing but nuts, not some commercial, preservative laden junk with added sugar. Same goes for the honey, it’s worth tracking down a honey stall at your local farmers market, you can taste different types of honey and decide which one you prefer; I never use jarrah honey because it has a very strong flavour which seems to overpower everything, my favourite is red gum. You are then getting it direct from the source, you know it hasn’t been treated or heated and it’s 100x better tasting than the s*** that comes in a squeezy bottle from the supermarkets.

  1. Pimp your balls: this is where you add any extras such as: dried fruit – figs, sour cherries, cranberries or goji berries, super foods – chia seeds, cacao powder and / or cacao nibs, maca powder, mesquite powder, essential oils – I use doTERRA as they are safe to consume and 100% therapeutic grade.
  2. Process! Too wet? Add more filler. Too dry? Add more sticky stuff. Taste. Adjust accordingly. Personally I don’t like mine too sweet so I might add more nut butter or coconut oil than dates and honey. Once you can press the mixture together in your fingers and it holds it’s time to get hands on. Now, I can hear you thinking ‘but Jemima, I need quantities, I can’t just be throwing ingredients into the processor willy nilly!’ Yes, you can! Take it from the top and work your way down. You need more of the filler and less and less of each thing as your work your way down the list.
  3. Get dirty: Using damp hands, take a large teaspoon and roll the mixture into balls and you’re done! If you want to get super fancy and pretty them up, you can roll them in cacao, desiccated coconut or processed nuts or seeds. Stick them in the fridge for an hour to harden up a bit and then try not to eat them all at once! Good luck with that…


Some of my favourite flavour combinations:

Coconut and lemon: oats, coconut, cashews, coconut oil, medjool dates, chia seeds, doTERRA lemon oil

Choc-cherry: chocolate protein powder, coconut, almonds, dried sour cherries, cacao, coconut oil, honey

Choc-mint: quinoa flakes, cashews, cacao, honey, mayvers super chocolate spread, mesquite powder, doTERRA peppermint oil (2-3 drops max!)

Peanut butter-choc chip: oats, cashews, peanut butter, medjool dates, maca powder, cacao nibs (add these towards the end of processing so you don’t break them down too much!), pinch salt

Chocolate hazelnut protein balls: chocolate protein powder, hazelnuts, mayvers choc hazelnut spread, medjool dates, chia seeds, cacao, mesquite powder

Fig & walnut: sunflower seeds, walnuts, honey, abc butter, chia seeds, dried figs, mesquite powder

There you have it! A step by step guide to bliss balls. Start experimenting, get your hands dirty, you can’t really go wrong! If you don’t have all the ingredients, don’t be afraid to substitute with what you have. I actually challenge you to put together a bad tasting combination. Put your favourite nuts, butters, sweetener, super foods into a processor and it’s going to work out ok, I promise.

Don’t forget to tag me into your pics on insta!

If you’re interested in hearing more about my hippie life with essential oils and how to get your (sticky) hands on some, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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