Chocolate Pudding for breakfast? Ah, yes please!

I love those days when your doing something totally non-food related and you get this light bulb idea that you instantly have to try!

I’ve decided to cut right back on sugars for two weeks. By cut back, I mean eat next to none. As a result I’ve been trying out all sorts of new things that I had previously avoided like the plague – like vegetables in my morning porridge. I’m committed to turning my food ideals upside down for these two weeks and see what I can challenge myself with.

Crazy idea number one worked out pretty awesome… the result was honestly like having chocolate pudding for breakfast. DESSERT FOR BREAKFAST!! Sugar free, dairy free and with hidden vegetables! This would have been amazing with some ice-cream, oops, I mean vanilla greek yoghurt… and some fruit or melted raw chocolate on top but it was absolutely delicious just as is!



Serves 1

20g wholegrain oats
10g chia seeds
1 tsp nut butter of choice
1/2 cup pumpkin puree mixed with a pinch of cinnamon (steam chunks of pumpkin and mash with a fork)
1 tbs cacao powder
1 cup unsweetened almond milk

If you aren’t committed to being sugar free you could add some honey or rice malt syrup for sweetness, it is a very rich bitter chocolate taste which I love, but may be a bit of a challenge if you’re not used to eating dark chocolate!

Mix all ingredients together in a jar and leave to soak overnight.

In the morning, add extra milk or water if necessary to ensure the oats have a cake batter consistency. Transfer to a serving bowl, cover with another bowl or plate and microwave for one and a half to two minutes or until heated through. Don’t worry if the top goes a little crusty, thats the best bit!

Add toppings of choice – I used flaked almonds, toasted coconut, cacao nibs and bee pollen. I also added some natural greek yoghurt, mixed with vanilla bean but obviously leave this off for a dairy free option and check the sugar content on the greek yoghurt!

Because the oats have been soaked they are a lot easier for your body to digest, plus the texture completely changes and becomes almost cake like.

I have also been experimenting with adding different essential oils to this – DON’T USE ANY OLD OILS. I have been using doTERRA oils which are safe for consumption. Adding a few drops of Wild Orange or Peppermint oils to this mix makes all the difference!!

Side note: I started writing this post a week and a half ago. I have now been as sugar free as I can possibly be since then and I am feeling absolutely on top of the world! I was lucky not to go through a horrid detox period, I didn’t get any headaches and instead of being cranky I actually felt that my mood was much more stable from not riding the sugar highs and lows roller coaster. I am sleeping a hundred times better and my sugar cravings have significantly decreased and as a result I am not reaching for something sweet after each meal and I’m even snacking less. I am a chocolate addict, I have been all my life so feeling like I have the power to control my chocolate cravings is enormous for me. Plus, it has challenged my cooking and the way that I think about food and flavours which is always a grand way to find new inspiration and try new things. All in all, so far, so good! If you’re anything like me and constantly thinking about where the next sugar hit is coming from, I absolutely recommend trying this whole ‘I quit sugar’ revolution!

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Pudding for breakfast? Ah, yes please!

  1. I live off chocolate puddings for breakfast, they are so filling! I haven’t tried with pumpkin puree before, what a great idea to get in some vegetables. Will have to give a go

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