My Pure Glow (Juice) Cleanse

I’ve come to the decision that a juice cleanse is the quickest, best way to make your body feel almost instantly amazing!

Recently, the lovely Annette, Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Pure Glow Cleanse and I met through our wonderful Facebook Group; Perth Health and Wellbeing. She wrote a post telling us that their business is absolutely booming and she hasn’t got time to do much cooking. I never get to cook as I would like (there is only so much food I can eat…!), so it seemed like a perfect match when we decided that I would do some cooking for her from week to week so that she had some ‘grab and go’ solutions. It’s been a joy for me to spend an evening pottering in the kitchen creating delicious snacks and meals for her to enjoy! Cheap therapy for me being able to do what I love whilst being able to feel good about helping out a friend.

During one of our chats, she asked me if I would be interested in trying one of their juice cleanses – of course I said yes! I was lucky enough to try one the Pure Glow Cleanses at a (not so recent) Relauncher event and she also gave me one when I was delivering her food so I was definitely happy to taste the rest in the name of market research! I already know how beneficial and enjoyable a juice cleanse can be from my Inner Ego experience so I was very eager to gain that ‘glowing’ feeling again.


I popped into their office to pick up my cleanse and it was amazing to see where the magic happens! Boxes of fruit, bags of nuts, big fridges full of cleanses awaiting collection and of course, Annette with a big welcoming smile on her face.

The timing was perfect as I had planned a road trip to Merredin for the day for work so it saved me having to pack a lunch and meant I didn’t have to stop for lunch – though in the interest of full disclosure, definitely bumped up the number of toilet stops…


 Cute little welcome pack instructions!

Started with a Sunrise Elixir, packed chock full of lemon, cucumber, aloe and filtered water, perfect to get everything moving in the morning! Beautiful, fresh and zingy!


Number 2, not a juice but a smoothie! I’m a massive breakfast fan and giving up breakfast on any day sounds like kind of crap idea to me! To have smoothie added to the cleanse really eased the pain. It kept me full well into the early afternoon.

Number 3, refreshing, delicious green juice!

This gorgeous, bright, happy looking juice below, number 4, is made from carrot, apple, grapefruit, turmeric, ginger and lemon. This was my favourite juice of the day – which surprised me because I’m not usually a grapefruit or a turmeric fan so well done PGC – you have converted me!


One thing I really liked about the PGC juices is how smooth they are. There is not a lot of pulp or settling, they are really clear and incredibly fresh.

Buddha Juice is their number 5 – cucumber, green apple, mint and lime. A perfect mid afternoon pick me up!

Finally finishing on number 6, Chai Vanilla Dream for dinner – or more like dessert! Brazil nut, almond, cashew, date, filtered water, chai spice and vanilla.

Another great juice cleanse experience. I’m sure I have said before that I think everyone should try a juice cleanse at least once in their life. It is a wonderful detox and a good way to start feeling in tune with your body.

Pure Glow Cleanse offers 1, 2 or 3 day juice cleanses delivered within most of the metro area. 6 packs also available.


Inner Ego (@inner_ego) offers a 2 or 3 day juice cleanse plus six packs available to order online or they are the Whitford City markets on Saturdays.

Leederville has just seen the opening of The Market Juicery (@themarketjuicery) if you want to grab a juice and go or even just see what all the fuss is about!

THANK YOU to Annette and Jacqueline at Pure Glow Cleanse for giving me the opportunity to try your juices!

DISCLAIMER: Whilst Pure Glow Cleanse provided this one day cleanse free of charge, all opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

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