A few of my favourite things! Part 1.

I have been a bit AWOL on the blog lately. As was said at our Yoga and Meditation retreat over the weekend ‘life just gets in the way sometimes’ and that has most definitely been the case!

This is a new section I’m thinking of adding to the blog every month. I have been doing a lot of travelling, reading, eating, etc. lately and I wanted to share a few of my favourite things with all of you: things that are motivating me, inspiring me and resonating in me.

Samudra Women’s Yoga and Wellness Retreat. Last weekend eleven gorgeous health and wellness focussed girls and I went on a road trip to Samudra, located in the beautiful town of Dunsborough in Western Australia’s south west. It was a three day retreat that included hours of yoga and meditation, delicious food and incredible raw desserts by @rawrabbittrun and so much bonding and girl time. I would absolutely recommend this for a weekend away if you are feeling a little lost on your journey or overwhelmed by the chaos in your head. I came away with an incredible sense of self, felt wonderfully centred and focussed as well as a little bit more flexible! I learnt some really good strategies for coping with stress and calming the mind. Thank you to the whole team at Samudra, particularly Zephyr for your wisdom and guidance throughout the weekend and of course, to those eleven AMAZING girls I was there with; lifelong friendships were formed! Check out @samudracrew on Instagram or the #samudraweekend for an insight into our experience.

IMG_9695 IMG_9714 IMG_9744

I went to Melbourne for a long weekend a few weeks ago and managed to check out some great foodie spots and the Melbourne Good Food and Wine show! If you’re heading to Melbourne soon (as I will be again on the 21st! Yay!) then I thoroughly recommend you check out Silo by Joost – another lovechild of Matt Stone and Joost Bakker. You can sit and watch all the goings on in the kitchen, chat to the chefs and as an added bonus they serve delicious food and coffee.

IMG_9637 IMG_9640 IMG_9644

We saw Matt Stone do a cook up and presentation at GF&W and wow, what an incredibly inspiring individual. His food and sustainability philosophies inspire me to no end and both my sister and I have been having big discussions about what we can do at home to reduce our waste and make more things from scratch. We now have labne and whey, our own butter and subsequently buttermilk in the fridge, sourdough starter on the bench and I’m trying to work out how I can start a worm farm with no garden… Make sure you look up @silomelbourne or @mattstone87 on Instragram and don’t forget you can always get your Matt Stone fix in Perth @greenhouseperth or by looking up their head chef @dom_moldenhauer.


Just over the road from Silo is the Hardware Societe (@hardwaresociete) who were packed on Saturday morning and serving some pretty incredible food. All three of us were blown away by our first Melbourne brekky for the weekend and also got to watch the chefs plating everything up! Happy girl!

IMG_9556 IMG_9557

Also got to Hobba (@hobbaprahran) and had an EPIC breakfast! Absolutely adored the vibe going on at Hobba and the service and coffee were fantastic. Still thinking about the pumpkin and grain bread with a 63degree egg and all that amazing avo…

IMG_9629 DoTERRA essential oils. This is something that is relatively new to me. In the beginning I was a little bit skeptical and when the lovely @_erinconnors_ held a doTERRA information evening I was completely overwhelmed and unsure where to start. But I have been doing a little research and I bought a tiny little starter kit and I am completely in love with them!

This extract comes directly from the doTERRA website:

“dōTERRA (CPTG)® essential oils represent the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today. They are gently and skillfully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize dōTERRA’s superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective CPTG essential oils.”


My collection to date includes Lavender which I have been using on the bottom of my feet every night and it helps to calm me before bed. I even got my sister (who is becoming quite the domestic goddess I have to say! Have a look at her exploits @lexiimmink) to use some when she had a ‘cracking headache’ instead of knocking back a few pain killers and she reported back that she was pleasantly surprised! I feel I need to point out that she is a nurse and believes in the power of ‘proper drugs’…

Peppermint is living in my car. I drive a lot and often long distances so the freshness of it keeps me awake and my car smells awesome! I have also made choc mint bliss balls.

Orange has replaced my normal perfumes and I smell pretty good. Just saying… Haha. Also, chocolate-orange porridge pudding anyone?


Lemon is being used in my water bottles, in my steam cleaner and in lemon coconut bliss balls!

Deep Blue is going to get me through my Oxfam Trailwalker training and event (I am hiking 100km through the Bibbulmun track over hopefully 25 hours to raise funds for Oxfam in October). It smells just like Deep Heat and can be mixed with coconut oil to spread it further. More on Trailwalker later…

Lime and Lemongrass are on their way and I can’t wait for them to arrive! Watch this space for some cooking ideas using the oils!

The incredible Chrissy over at Inspire and Perspire was kind enough to do a feature on me on the Q&A section of her blog this week. Follow the link to read all about me – as if you haven’t had enough already…! This girl is an every day inspiration to me and her blog is spectacular!

Jeremy (@fearless__prophet) has just launched his new website Holistic Lifestyler. This fella is the king of everything fermented and I’m really looking forward to hosting a dinner in the next few weeks where he will be giving us a bit of a run down on the basics. He is a chiropractor by trade and I was lucky enough to meet him at Samudra last weekend!

FAQ – people keep asking me where I got my awesome stamped spoons from, here is my best kept secret, you better tag me in your pics when you get yours! MilkandHoney on Etsy.

IMG_7931 Well that about wraps up Part 1! Please feel free to contact me if you have an queries about anything I’ve talked about!




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