My Instant Bircher Muesli!

I’ve had this recipe idea in my head for about six months and for the life of me I can’t tell you why it took me so long to try it out; there’s nothing not to like! Apple, date, coconut, oats, almonds. It’s as simple at that! It’s probably more an assembly job than a recipe to be honest. It’s great on the run, would transfer beautifully to jar for the road as you could layer it up and impress your colleagues at the office. In fact, I think it might be perfect for the Anzac Day Dawn Service watching the sunrise at Kings Park.

I’m calling it my instant Bircher Muesli. I love it because it has lots of texture and I admit, quite often I will think about making Bircher Muesli for breakfast and then find it’s the next morning and I’ve forgotten to make it. This is the ideal solution!

Serves 1.

1/2 an apple (colour of choice) – roughly chopped
1 medjool date – pitted and roughly chopped
10g shredded coconut – toasted or plain
20g wholegrain oats
10g whole almonds
tsp chia seeds
Pinch cinnamon – to taste
Greek Yoghurt – to serve

In your food processor, combine all ingredients except the yoghurt and process until combined but still chunky.

Serve with yoghurt and extra toppings of choice, I added some extra toasted coconut, cacao nibs and some Mayvers  Dark Chocolate Super Spread.


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