My favourite Green Juice

I’m a recent convert to the world of juicing. It is something I had been contemplating and researching for many months and before taking the plunge and investing in a juicer I tried two Inner Ego 2 day juicing cleanses. The difference I felt in my body was more than enough to dot the last i and cross the last t and I am now very much enjoying my Hurom Juicer every day! It’s so much fun experimenting with different flavour combinations! I have been adding different herbal teas and fresh coconut water and I’m slowly discovering what my favourites are.

A green juice is fast becoming my staple 10am pick me up. I am out on the road for work most of the week and this is so easy and portable! It only takes 5 minutes to prepare a couple of juices in the morning and you have a beautiful, fresh, on-the-go snack!

My skin is glowing, I was having real dramas with dryness and it has sorted itself out quick smart! It is so much easier to avoid unhealthy foods when you have something so nourishing on hand. I’m craving chocolate less! I haven’t had a diet coke in three weeks (which if you knew me, is quite a feat – they are my achilles heel, along with chocolate even though I know they are bad for me and all the reasons why). I know all of these things combined are probably partly contributing to this amazing inner connectedness that I am feeling, but I feel amazing and juicing is definitely a part of that! So I am highly recommending you give it a go!

Another thing I have discovered is that the Lettuce Shop offer a $5 juicing box (subject to availability) so I have been ordering one of those each week – you get so much in it which helps to keep juicing affordable. I have also been playing about with recipes to use the pulp from my juices in – we’ve got to think environmentally! Waste not my friends, get creative! If you’re using celery and carrot, use the pulp in your next bolognese, I’ve made veggie patties by processing the pulp with some chick peas, herbs, garlic etc. and baking them in the oven. Before you bin your next batch, have a think about what else you could do with it!


My last juicing box!

My favourite green juice!

1/2 green apple
1 lebanese cucumber (or any cucumber just cut to roughly the same amount)
2 celery stalks
3 mint sprigs
1cm piece ginger
1/4 lemon
2 sticks kale leaves
coconut water

Stick all fruit and vegetables in all in your juicer, add coconut water to the finished juice at the end – happy days!


Juice prepping for the week – saves space in the fridge and makes it easy and quick to make juices in the morning!


IMG_8006On a related note; my gorgeous friend Amelia over at Amelia Harvey Health has just released her new E-Book with step by step instructions on how to do your own 3 day juice cleanse, complete with recipes! She is such an inspiration, she makes you feel amazing just by reading her book so I suggest you click the link and check it out for yourself!!

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