Moroccan Inspired Quinoa Salad

This was one of the dishes I presented for Laura, Matt and my Middle Eastern inspired feast on Sunday night. You can see the full wrap up here! You will also find their spectacular recipes on Laura’s Mess and Inspired Food!

For one of my two dishes, I decided to create a Moroccan inspired Quinoa salad. I’m not really sure how authentically Moroccan this is but it is full of flavour combinations that I love and feel work really well together. It worked out beautifully and I was thrilled with the results! It truly was a celebration of colour and texture that danced on the tongue and epitomises the feeling of summer!


Serves 6 as a side dish

1/2 cup organic Quinoa (I used tricolour)
Vegetable stock (for cooking the Quinoa, amount according to packet instructions)
500g Pumpkin, cut into 2cm dice
Moroccan seasoning
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil Spray
1/2 cup each Parsley, Mint, Coriander – roughly chopped
1 cup Baby Spinach – roughly chopped
15 Black Olives –  pitted and roughly chopped
40g Mixed Seeds (I used Pepita and Sunflower)
40g Slivered Almonds – roasted
40g Pistachios – roasted
1/2 large Pomegranate – deseeded
1 tbsp Cumin Seeds – toasted in a dry frying pan until fragrant
50g Goats Feta
2 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 dessert spoon Rosewater (optional)

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Cut the pumpkin into a 2cm dice. Spray lightly with olive oil spray and toss with Moroccan seasoning, salt and pepper and cook on a tray lined with baking paper for around 30 minutes or until browned and tender. Allow to cool.

Meanwhile, cook the quinoa according to packet instructions in vegetable stock and allow to cool and dry out.

In a jar, add the lemon juice, evoo and rosewater and shake well to combine. Taste before you serve, you should just be able to taste the rosewater – it needs to be a quiet, subtle undertone!

In a large bowl, toss all other ingredients together except for the feta. Don’t forget to reserve some pomegranate seeds and pistachios for garnish. Right before serving, add the dressing and toss until combined.

Sprinkle the feta on top with the left over pomegranate seeds and some pistachios for garnish.

IMG_7595I have been making my own vegetable stock concentrate and freezing it in ice cube trays for just such occasions!

IMG_7521This was an absolutely brilliant evening with wonderful company and I am very much looking forward to our next venture – SPANISH!

4 thoughts on “Moroccan Inspired Quinoa Salad

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