CNR Kitchen

There is many, many things to like about

CNR Kitchen
44 Lake Street
WA 6003

They offer paleo, gluten free, vegan and raw options with an organic, farm to table philosophy. They also offer 5 senses coffee and wait for it…. Table service!

Sunday morning and I am meeting a friend for brunch at around 10:30. Usually I would expect to wait for a table at most of my usual haunts but Northbridge is fairly quiet by comparison and I found C waiting for me, coffee already in hand.

CNR has a great feel to it, potted plants on the tables, cutlery sitting in colourful watering cans. A couch to sit back and relax on, a funky and bright chalk board wall boasting all of their menu ideas. It’s refreshing to see a mix of eclectic decor that includes a bit of a vintage vibe but is mashed with laser cut metal, softened by its organic patterns of leaves and birds, shoved against geometric and jagged looking wallpaper. It is a clever fit out! Welcoming and comfortable with the added bonus of an outlook of green grass, making it easy to forget you’re slap bang in the middle of the city. Backpackers and families alike are all chilling out under the umbrellas with a picnic, kids gathering to get their faces painted and fighting for beanbags to bounce on. It is the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

IMG_7007I didn’t quite know what to do when one of the baristas appeared at our table and asked me if I would like a coffee. Table service? At breakfast? In Perth? Surely not!

Coffee under control and it’s time to peruse the menu. I would have got the Very Berry Granola but considering that this was my second breakfast and I’d already had a bowl of Crumbles Muesli before the gym, I decided to try out the Bacon Bombs. Pretty inspired name – very intriguing.  I would have gotten the Veg Mex (feta stuffed spinach flat bread with homemade beans, guacamole and poached eggs) but my lamb chilli con carne was in the slow cooker at home and C was going to get it – hardly a very exciting review when we only try one thing on the menu!

We both ordered an apple, pear and ginger juice to go with it. I absolutely love ginger in my juices, particularly apple and ginger. The ginger ratio was perfect. Just enough to taste and give you a little hum on the tongue. I’ve had a couple lately where your lips are left burning and all you can taste is the ginger. It took a lot of will power to enjoy this slowly. Partly because I’ve pretty much come straight from the gym and because it tasted so good! What is it about lazy brunches that makes juice taste extra delicious?

IMG_7004Brekky arrived along with a side serve of food envy. C’s looked absolutely delicious! Not that mine didn’t, hers just looked particularly yummy! I am ever so slowly coming to terms with the fact that I can’t eat all day every day, but it is a constant battle between my eyes and my stomach, I should probably also mention health and wellbeing…

The tortilla has inspired me to give making my own a go – perhaps to go with left over chilli con carne? The beans looked very rich and I am assured they tasted as good as they looked! Perfect poached eggs to top it off. I will definitely be back to give this dish a go!


My bacon bombs weren’t exactly what I was expecting. In my head I was imagining a flatter fritatta with chunks of roast vegetables as opposed to muffin looking things. Not that this is a negative thing, it is good to be surprised! Plus, who on earth would complain at the crispy bacon curled up inside that eggy goodness with a splash of sun-dried tomatoes and olives – a favourite food combo of mine! They were beautifully cooked, the eggs were almost fluffy in the middle.

IMG_7005As if I could leave without trying a cold drip coffee! It was smooth and fairly mild, I could easily have drunk another 2 or 3 of these… such a great way to enjoy coffee on a warm summers morning. I wish more places would start serving it!


All in all, two coffees, a juice and brekky came to around $33.00. Pretty happy with that! The staff were  friendly and obviously very into their coffee, asking for a feedback on the cold drip and telling us all about the process of making it – a very interesting one I wouldn’t mind learning a bit more about one day. I’ll add it to the list!

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