Rice Paper Rolls and a super secret!

Have you ever tried to make Rice Paper Rolls and you can’t get the paper to sufficiently moisten or it’s too moist and sticking together? Then they all stick together in the container if you’re trying to store/transport them? They are the perfect summer picnic food or on the go lunch but there is nothing worse than opening the container and they have all stuck together and are tearing apart. Well I have a secret for you that changed the face of rice-paper-roll-rolling for me! I used to think they were a pain in the proverbial and just easier to buy but now I make them en masse! 

Are you ready to be enlightened?! 

Paper towels. That’s it.

Rice paper
Slim Pasta (Angel Hair) or Vermicelli Noodles – a pack of slim pasta will do around 10-12 RPR
Hoi Sin Sauce

Any combination of the following: 
Carrot – julienned roughly the same length as your finished RPR
Cucumber – julienned
Avocado – fine strips
Snow Peas – sliced longways or left whole
Red Capsicum – fine strips
Bean Sprouts
Spring Onion – fine strips
Snow Pea Sprouts
Mint – must have!

An authentic addition: (a lot of RPR I had in Vietnam had pineapple in them and I loved it!) 
Mango – sliced into fine strips or julienned
Pineapple – sliced into fine strips or julienned

Chicken – cooked, shredded or chopped into fine strips
Prawns – cooked, around 3 per RPR

Prep all of your vegetables/fruit/protein so you can have an easy, quick production line going.

On a large breadboard or the kitchen bench, wet 4 paper towel sheets and place in a square formation. They can be very wet.

Place two sheets of rice paper on the paper towels and using another wet paper towel (I usually have a bowl with water in it next to me) wet the top of the rice paper. Don’t be afraid to be liberal with the ‘wetness’.

Start with your noodles, arrange in a line around 2/3 of the way down the rice paper. Add the rest of your ingredients.

Fold the bottom section up first, making sure to roll it quite tightly. Fold in the sides and continue to roll to the top. 

When storing, place a damp paper towel in the bottom of the container and then line up your RPR making sure they don’t touch by tucking more damp paper towel between. Cover the top too. They will travel a treat!

Serve with Hoi Sin sauce – I usually water it down to a looser consistency so the flavour does not overpower the freshness of the RPR.

3 thoughts on “Rice Paper Rolls and a super secret!

  1. Fantastic instructions. Thank you. These have been on my list to make for a while now. I even have the rice papers in the cupboard. I just wasn’t to sure where to go from there and was scared I was going to stuff them up. Now I am going to give it a go. Thanks again.

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