Bread in Common

Instagram has a lot to answer for. My poor bank account gets abused because of Instagram… However, I have also become part of an amazing group of girls, all with the common interest of food, health and wellbeing so I am far from complaining. 

It is also an incredible source of daily food inspiration for me and I have discovered some awesome products because of it! Perhaps I need to do a post just on that… I digress, Bread in Common has been absolutely hammered on Instagram with photos that produce involuntary mouth watering and moments best spent alone with my phone as I can’t concentrate on holding a conversation at the same time. 

Bread in Common
43 Pakenham Street

A friend asked me to dinner last week and I immediately thought “this is my chance!” and made the poor girl drive all the way to Freo from Joodalup via my house in Rivervale… She’s a foodie too and since I sent her a photo of dessert from BiC the other day it wasn’t very hard to convince her.

We arrived to a reasonable sized line (they don’t take bookings unless you have 10 – 14 people for their Chef’s Table) but we were provided with some bread and cured meat to keep us entertained. I am thrilled when we are finally seated at the end of a table right next to the open kitchen. I am so tempted to go and stand at the pass and watch the action! They seem to be operating as a well oiled machine, there is no chaos, no yelling and I love that we are able to watch them plating up the food.

The atmosphere is buzzing. It smells so good, my tummy is rumbling. Rustic, industrial, warehouse look with exposed light bulbs hanging down over the long communal tables. Low lighting really enhances the overall ambience and combined with the high ceilings, I am reminded of the Great Hall at Hogwarts. I am impressed. It feels like everybody is just as excited as we are to be here, people are animated and the communal tables allow you to feed off the energy of the people next to you.

I want to compliment the staff on their attentiveness and friendly attitude throughout the night. The water glasses were never empty, they were always at hand if we needed anything or had questions (such as ‘what is a mouse trap?’). Patience was required with us as we were having a hard time trying to decide from the many delicious sounding menu options. 

We finally settled on a serve of Mouse traps – which turned out to be vegemite and cheese on thin slices of house made bread. So simple, so delicious…


Mushroom, goats curd, ricotta gnocchi with sorrel. I have a bit of a mushroom obsession at the moment, so Julie didn’t get much of a say on this but, again she was hardly sorry. This was beautiful. The gnocchi was light and almost had a tofu kind of texture and it came served in little squares! 

Eggplant, aioli, hyssop, puy lentils and salsa verde. I love eggplant, but seriously, this was eggplant on a whole other level. You know when something just pops in your mouth and the flavours work so exquisitely that you want to savour every mouthful? That’s happening here. 

Until you switch to the pork neck with radish, capsicum, sumac and avocado. The pork was as tender as could be and the capsicum was amazing, but I have to say the radishes were a bit of a highlight for me, I’ve never had radish cooked like that before. Each element of the dish had a distinctly different taste, yet worked so well together. I find it really disappointing when every mouthful of a dish tastes the same.

It was a meal of taste sensations and every time we switched from one dish to the other it was like a new experience. 

They also have Custard Cider!! 

Dessert. The reason we really came. Peanut mousse, chocolate ice-cream, oreo and raspberry. The lightness and fluffiness of the  mousse with the rich chocolate ice-cream and intense tang of the raspberry which was presented as a jelly base as well as a ‘squeeze?’ combined spectacularly with the crunchy oreo. All bases covered, the raspberry stopped it from being too sweet, smooth, crunchy, light, dense, tick tick tick! Thank you very much and good night. Somebody roll me home. Happy days. 

Thank you Bread in Common for a wonderful eating experience, not just a scrumptious meal.

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2 thoughts on “Bread in Common

  1. I keep hearing about this place!!! I definitely want to go try it out, but I’m put off by the always-present lines. Good to know that they didn’t leave you famished in the sun! Great review as always Jem (and welcome to WordPress! Woop!) x

    • Thanks Laura! The line wasn’t too bad at all, I think we probably waited about 20 minutes and went for tea so managed to miss lining up in the glaring heat. I can honestly say it’s worth the wait though and I am keen to try their much talked about ribs – we might need to make this our next E.D.B13 catch up destination! So sorry you missed our CoOp Dining night 😦

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