Tuck Shop Cafe

It is criminal how long it has taken me to get to

The Tuck Shop Cafe

178 Newcastle Street

It took a good friend to have a baby and therefore a week off work to basically say ‘it’s time, let’s go’ for it to happen but I got there! 

Being a Thursday morning it was bustling with people getting take away coffee but there were plenty of tables available.

What sets the Tuck Shop Cafe apart is that their menu boasts some slightly less traditional breakfast dishes – think Chilli Con Carne, pie, etc. Plus, of course it has all of your usual suspects. 

The interior is quaint, eclectic but in smart way and it comes together in a really comfortable, inviting manner. The loyalty cards up on the wall not only look great, but they also go a long way towards showing how popular this cafe is. I love the exposed lightbulbs and upside down planters. It’s a very welcoming feel. There is gourmet goods and coffee for sale and the service (TABLE service) is friendly and cheerful. My friend is somewhat of a regular here and I’m told they dote on his daughter and serve free babycino’s!


I decide on the mushrooms, spinach and feta on multigrain toast with an added poached egg, whilst Lex has decided to be really brave and try… bacon and eggs on toast (worst breakfast partner ever). D has been telling me about the Chilli Con Carne for months so I’m glad when he decides to order that so I can have a taste. Personally, I struggle a bit with the idea of red meat before lunch but a mouthful won’t kill me!

Left: Mushrooms on Toast / Right: Chilli Con Carne
Today’s Green Smoothie Special
Bacon and Eggs on Toast
The mushrooms are delicious and by the time I am 2/3 of the way through I am completely stuffed but it’s so good I’m rallying and manage to get through the lot. The bread is excellent, crunchy crust and soft in the centre. This is a great dish! 
The CCC is pretty awesome… the combination of the chilli with the fresh side salad is right on the money and I can see it would definitely get you through the day! Next time I go I think I will go for a proper brunch and give it a go! If I wasn’t so happy with my mushrooms, I would have had a pretty major case of food envy!
Enjoyable morning with good company that lived up to the Tuck Shop hype!
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