Melbourne CBD Breakfast Special

I recently spent the week in Melbourne for work, a whole six days of quality of coffee, delicious breakfast and dinners! This is my Melbourne CBD Special!

Self Preservation
70 Bourke Street

Did I mention that I was in the midst of Melbourne weather at it’s best, this particular morning was drizzly, cold and miserable so the thought of good coffee and hot porridge was very comforting and what an introduction to Melb. coffee! Turned out to be the best coffee of the week and the porridge was delicious! Went back again on the last day for their Bircher Muesli, which was  served with poached pear, strawberries and almonds. Little bit thick, but great when mixed in with the yoghurt. Cute, quirky place, nice barista, cheap eats!

Bircher Muesli and Coffee
Porridge with honey and strawberries
Self Preservation on Urbanspoon
51 Bourke Street
Very busy little spot, again, great coffee and really tasty homemade granola, served with stewed rhubarb and yoghurt. 
The Mess Hall on Urbanspoon
161 Spring Street
Worth noting that The European is open from 7am, whereas everywhere else seemed to open from 7:30am. I’m making the big call of best fritters I have ever had! Zucchini and corn fritters with tomato relish, smashed avocado, fresh salad leaves and herbs. They also serve their freshly made juices in gorgeous little bottles that say ‘made with love’. Aww! 
The European on Urbanspoon
80 Bourke Street
This is part of Grossi Florentino. I had to go because it is the only other place I have seen crumpets on a menu. They were OK, came out with honeycomb butter and honey, but all I kept thinking was “where’s my peanut gravel!?” 
The Cellar Bar on Urbanspoon
On a side note: everywhere I went had table service – take note Perth!
Great to be able to taste a little bit of what Melbourne has to offer and hopefully next time I’ll have the chance to venture out a little bit further. It was a fantastic week and I am missing the coffee already!

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