Halo Espresso

This was a really enjoyable morning for so many reasons at

Halo Espresso

82 Angelo Street
WA 6151

Firstly, it was a celebration of many things with some of my favourite people in the world! It’s not easy getting everyone together on a regular basis, so when it happens, it is time to be treasured!

Secondly, I was off to Melbourne later that day for a week so it was a nice way to start the morning before jumping onto the plane and into work craziness! 

A few good things to know about Halo Espresso; 

They have Rawesome products. Winning. 
They have a passion project in Sonlife Africa – a charity helping to provide education and food to those living in poverty. What a great cause and one I feel compelled to support considering my Oxfam Trailwalker involvement at the moment.
They take bookings on the weekend.

Ok, down to the serious stuff! I got the Bircher Muesli as I had heard a bit about how good it was – and it was really good! Fruity, fresh and a massive bowl as well! 

However, my friend got the granola and I admit, I had total food envy. My delicious bowl of Bircher looked so sad next to her timber board laden with jars and bottles and bowls of fruit, yoghurt, granola, milk etc. I managed to steal a few mouthfuls when she wasn’t looking and it was as good as it looked, I’m not sure if that made the food envy better or worse…

Both lots of pancakes looked fantastic! I didn’t try them but both the girls were impressed and there was definitely nothing left on their plates.

My small complaint is that the staff member behind the till didn’t seem to be having a very good morning, which was a bit of a shame because it was otherwise a very enjoyable atmosphere!! All in all, I will go back because it’s semi-local for me and I want a jar of granola to myself! Well priced, decent coffee.

Left: Granola / Right: Bircher Muesli
Left: Blueberry and Ricotta Pancakes / Right: Pancakes with Maple Bacon
Halo Espresso on Urbanspoon

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