Thank you to a lovely reader who recommended


47 Kirwan Street (surprise!)
WA 6014

Breakfast on a whim this morning, feeling a little worse for wear after AFL Grand Final celebrations (yes, I’m a Hawthorn supporter, don’t hold it against me Dockers)! We were not particularly in the mood to wait for a table or food and in hind sight it was probably not a good idea to try somewhere new but I’m glad we did as this place is a real gem! 

Unassuming interior, just simple and effective. The difference came from the staff. They were welcoming, warm, friendly and offered table service! 

The menu is simple, yet very appealing and in my tired, blurry state I was finding it difficult to make a decision. Staff were patient and introduced themselves, letting us know they weren’t far away when we were ready to order and getting coffee on the go in the meantime. Strong, robust, syrupy coffee! Cute names for a few menu items too – The Paddock, the Veggie Patch. 

I settled on the Mushrooms on toasted Brioche with Caramelised Onions and Goats Cheese with a Poached Egg on the side. Bread was awesome! Mushrooms were beautifully grilled and the caramelised onions were absolutely delicious. Certainly hit the spot and I left a very happy girl. 

My sister got Bacon and Poached Eggs on toast (and didn’t take a photo…)! I think I have made my feelings about ordering eggs on toast clear in previous posts. As usual, if it’s done well you have nothing to complain about and it was done well.

Fresh apple juice was perfect and went down a treat, as did the coffee milkshake.

Definitely worth checking out, I want to go back to try their breakfast plate! Their service was fantastic and food was on par! Thanks Fortysevenkirwanstreet for offering table service and happy staff! 

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