Typika Artisan Roasters

I’m so excited to tell you about

Typika Artisan Roasters

331 Stirling Highway
WA 6010

This place is, at the risk of sounding like a cliche – buzzing! There is instant atmosphere as soon as you walk in. There is stuff happening all over the place, I felt like my eyes were darting left, right and centre trying to take it all in! Industrial look, concrete floors and hard surfaces, but it is softened by a HERB WALL! I love the contrast of the harsh but funky feel with the organic look of the wall! Booth seating but not too close together, they could actually fit more tables in but I appreciate that they aren’t trying to pack people in like sardines. The place is huge! There is a coffee section at the front where the staff are working their magic serving up the drinks and take away coffees with the kitchen placed separately at the back. It was absolutely chucking it down while we were there and you could see the rain through the laserlite roofing. The only negative I can come up with about Typika Artisan Roasters is that it is really loud and a little hard to hear the person across from you.

The coffee is good – and so it should be considering that is what they pride themselves on! They serve a medium mac, which is fantastic because sometimes I can’t decide whether a traditional long mac or a flat white with an extra shot is the go so a medium mac will fit the in-between perfectly! The guy that was serving us was good fun, cheerful and seemed to genuinely be enjoying himself. He was happy to explain the difference between a double ristretto and a double espresso to me. He was never far away and it was easy to get his attention, despite how busy it was. It felt like all the staff were just swept up in the thrill of things working well through a busy service. It’s hard to explain the feeling but it’s one you get when you’re really busy and you’re enjoying the excitement of being ‘on a roll’ and just powering through effectively and efficiently. Maybe it’s a retail/service thing…?

I haven’t even gotten to the food yet! I will be going back because all the food that was coming (quickly) out of the kitchen looked delicious and there was quite a few things on the menu I was tossing up between. I finally decided on poached pears with dates, unsweetened yoghurt and nut crumble. It came complete with a nod to the microherb trend too. Happy day! It was delicious! My only complaint was that it was over all too soon. We also got the porridge which was deliciously hot and suited the weather, rich with spices it was a definite winter dish that just warmed you right down to your toes. 

All up it cost us $60.00 for two breakfasts, three cups of coffee, a juice, a deconstructed hot chocolate and a bottle of Voss. Not too bad at all! Great morning, great place, highly recommend you check it out!




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