Gusto Food – The "Crumpet Conundrum"

I have a new strategy for when I am tossing up between two menu items. I choose the one I think I’ll like less first, so that the next time I can get the one I want most. That way I don’t run into what I am going to call the “Crumpet Conundrum”.

Gusto Food

86 Angelo Street
WA 6151

For those of you who have had the crumpets with berries, yoghurt and peanut gravel at Gusto Food you will know just exactly why the decision not to order the crumpets is so hard (first world problem, I know!). You are sitting there, looking at the menu, knowing exactly what you’ll be missing out on. One could argue that because one dish is really good, the rest should follow. I’m thinking of getting the scrambled eggs though and sometimes, scrambled eggs can go horribly wrong… too gooey, too dry, full of cream etc. Oh, the dilemma!

So, pressure is on to make a decision and I make the snap one to go with the scrambled eggs because I really want to know what Quinoa Crunch is! Waiting for my brekky, I am actually nervous. Ridiculous right? Mainly because my brunch buddy has ordered the Crumpets. Food envy inevitable.

Best scrambled eggs I’ve ever ordered. Absolutely delicious! The basil pesto was tangy, the quinoa crunch gave the dish some texture to contrast the creamy eggs, the goats cheese gave it a good kick of flavour and of course, it was beautifully presented. Total knock-out! I still needed to steal a mouthful of crumpets for an instant comparison but I wouldn’t hesitate to order this dish again. Yet another reason why Gusto Food is my favourite brunch spot at the moment! Local-ish, well priced, amazing food, good atmosphere, decent service.

Side by side comparison – you be the judge!
Skinny Cappuccino
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2 thoughts on “Gusto Food – The "Crumpet Conundrum"

  1. Oh my gosh. I love homemade crumpets. The only place where I've had them in Perth so far is the Little Stove in Bicton… really, really good but no peanut gravel. I think I need to try this place, quick smart!! Oh, and yes… I definitely understand the food envy. I get it all.the.time. I need to try your strategy… 😉 x

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