Little local gem!

Kettle Cafe

23 Lathlain Place
WA 6100

I think this is going to be one of those great, tucked away places that the locals frequent on Sunday mornings and hopefully is never spoilt by the masses!

It is big and open, great for families and groups, there is room to move and the decor is simple but homely. 

Couple of my friends have told me about this place and it hasn’t been open long, definitely my duty as part of the local community to check it out! Not sorry that I did and I will be back very soon!

I got the porridge which was full of hazelnuts and berry compote and wasn’t made from normal oats, not 100% sure but they had the mouth feel of Spelt Oats, which don’t break down in the cooking process like normal oats do and take a lot longer to cook. Served with a little bottle of milk on the side.

My friends both got avocado on toast with goats cheese and mint. One friend who has been quite a few times before said she keeps coming back for it and it’s the best breakfast she has had in a really long time! So, I need to go back to try this one! I love that everything came served on timber boards! Super cute!

Coffee was good, however I was running on about four hours sleep so I think I would have been quite happy to drown myself in any kind of coffee to be honest! 

Service was pretty slow and that was the only negative, though we were enjoying a lazy Sunday brunch and catch up so it really didn’t matter too much. 

Nice to have something just down the road where you can get a decent feed for a reasonable price!!

 Porridge / Avo and goats cheese on toast with added poached egg
Kettle Cafe on Urbanspoon


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