Bib & Tucker – Part 2

It was so nice to walk into the warm cosiness at

Bib & Tucker

18 Leighton Beach Road
WA 6159

Phone: 9433 2197

on a cold winters WEEK day. It was really nice to avoid the crazy rush of weekend brunching here as the staff seemed a lot more relaxed and the service was a big improvement on last time.

You can’t avoid the stunning view – it’s a huge drawcard, even in the middle of winter watching the clouds roll in and the waves crashing – it’s gorgeous. I really need to go there for dinner one night and watch the sunset.

I got the Huevos Divorcados – not bad! I was sucked in by the big list of things you get with this. Corn tortillas, beans, eggs, three different salsas, corn, fetta AND chorizo. It was a dish unlike anything I’ve had before and the different salsas were nice. I was hoping the Chorizo would be hot and oily but it was cured more like a crisp type thing (and it still had the wax paper on…). Probably too many flavours happening for me but I still enjoyed it and I certainly didn’t have an issue finishing most of it.

The Mushroom Brushetta was the winner for me today, next time I am getting that with a poached egg on the side. It was delicious! Having said that, I really want to try the Chai Spiced Granola and I went with the intention of getting that this time but got side tracked being a greedy guts…!

The French Toast was yum! It was a lot eggier than others I have tried. The Rhubarb is just sweet, tart and the whole dish really is warm and wintery and a flat out yummy dish.

Who on earth comes up with a Salted Caramel Milkshake? Why hasn’t everybody come up with this?! Talk about dessert for breakfast. I don’t even want to know how they make this or what is in it but it is like drinking salted caramel fudge and it is GOOD.

All in all, much better experience than last time and will happily go back to try a few other things on the menu!

Salted Caramel Milkshake
Eggs Benedict


Huevos Divorcados / Roasted Mushroom Bruschetta
Brioche French Toast
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