The Merrywell

The first thing I noticed at

The Merrywell

Crown Casino
Great Eastern Highway

was the amount of tables full of guys! It struck me as really weird, seeing tables of 4, 6 or 8 guys and no girls. Then I read the menu and it all made sense. Dude. Food.

I’m still trying to remember the last time I saw/ate such an unapologetic display of deep fried, finger licking, lip smacking, sauce all over your face kind of food.

The place is amazing, it looks amazing, it smells amazing and I can easily see what the hype is all about. It’s dark, it’s glamorous, it almost looks like it belongs on the set of “The Great Gatsby”. It is obviously a hit, the place was packed and it was a miserable, cold, rainy Tuesday night.

We ordered a heap of share plates including;

Mac and Cheese Bites – like arancini in a way but with macaroni and cheese. Great concept, well executed, crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside. I don’t really feel like I can get all ‘fancy foodie’ on this because I get the impression that it is what it is and most people aren’t going to be complaining that the Mac and Cheese bites were underseasoned.

NY Style Twin Dogs – I wanted to try these because I get cravings for a seriously big, dirty, bratwurst at all the food and wine festivals so I thought a little mini one might satisfy the urge before Good Food and Wine this year. I can certainly see a lot of fellas having hot dog eating competitions after a big night out! They were pretty good… 

Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers – These were the highlight for me. They were absolutely delicious and moreish, I will be ordering a big burger next time for sure! Whatever they do to make the bread so soft and buttery is earning brownie points with me!

Lollipop Buffalo Wings – I’d heard a lot about these. They come with a blue cheese fondue for dipping and I see the reason for their popularity. Hot, spicy sauce, good dip, lots of them, eat them with your fingers and get it all over your gob. Job done. On a personal note, I don’t like chewing food off bones so wasn’t my favourite dish.

BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla – now we’re talking. This was delicious!! Would quite happily have had a whole one to myself. Tender meat, fresh topping and crispy tortilla. I am seriously enjoying the pulled pork revolution!

Onion Rings – well, they’re onion rings, but sometimes they just fill a void. 

Desserts in a jar – interesting concept, they look pretty. The lamington was good, the cupcake was a cupcake and the cheesecake was OK. Not the strong point of the evening and probably won’t bother next time.

All in all, they are exactly what they advertise on the menu. I will definitely go back for the atmosphere and I would like to try a main dish or a burger instead of the share plates. Hopefully next time I won’t have to be rolled home…

Onion Rings and Wagyu Beef Sliders
 Left: Lollipop Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Fondue and Pulled Pork Quesadillas
Right: Mac and Cheese Bites and NY Style Twin Dogs
Dessert in a Jar – Cheesecake, Cupcake and Lamington
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