Ootong & Lincoln

I know I keep banging on about this retro, eclectic, vintage vibe that so many cafes are taking on at the moment but I give credit to

Ootong & Lincoln

258 South Terrace
WA 6162

for being one of the first. Having said that, to me, it is starting to feel a bit tired, a bit ‘vintage grunge’. It’s fine to use all sorts of chairs, but they still need to be comfortable for your patrons. The one I had was far too low for the table and really uncomfortable.

I ordered the Mushroom, Fetta, Rocket, Tomato and Basil Pesto on Toast. It sounded really good but I was starving and thinking that veg on toast was probably not going to cut it, so I added a poached egg ($4.00 extra). Absolutely not necessary, it looked so silly sitting on the side of this MASSIVE plate of rocket and mushrooms. The little butter on the side made me laugh, what was I supposed to do with it? I couldn’t even see the toast!! Yummy brekky, the feta and tomato really made a difference to the overall taste. Full for hours after!

My sister got poached eggs on toast with a side of bacon ($5.00 extra). I didn’t taste it – it was eggs on toast and I kind of figure I can cook that at home so I never order it. It looked good but she said it wasn’t the best she’s ever had, but there was sufficient yolk porn so seemed OK to me!

The fresh apple juice came in a cute little jug – think it was made out of red apples not green, so it didn’t have that ‘tartness’ you get from green ones. 

I got a salad to take away for dinner and it was absolutely delicious! Quinoa, Chickpeas, Beetroot, Fetta, Sweet Potato and Balsamic. Really good! Everything in their cabinet looked really nice, the patties especially, I will have to go back to try one of them.

Food was reasonably priced with the exception of the extras.

This was the final straw that prompted my table service post. It really annoyed me that there was no water given to the table, or glasses, or cutlery. 

All in all, my breakfast was definitely good, but this has been on my ‘hit list’ for a while and the atmosphere didn’t quite live up to expectations.

Traditional Long Mac and Apple Juice
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