Table Service

Fair warning, rant coming up.


Everywhere you go for breakfast these days, you have to go up to the counter to order food. Fine, I get it, places are busy, breakfast has a quicker turnover than dinner, plus is usually means you can pay separately which makes life easy.

I do not want to fetch my own cutlery, I do not want to have to get myself a glass of water. I would quite like to have a second coffee, but I actually can’t be bothered getting up and waiting in line to order it. If I have to get up, I’m going home.

Dinner is another story.
Since when do we have to go to the counter or order dinner?!

I have come out to dinner for serveral reasons;
To enjoy the company of friends.
So I don’t have to cook dinner.
To be waited on, plain and simple. I’ve decided to spend my money on going out for a meal, I don’t want to work for it. I want to sit down and be spoilt!

How does this work? Does everybody go up separately or does one person have to remember what everyone wants? Do we need to collect all the money first or do we pay after? Then the person who has to stand in line to order misses out on the conversation and initial catch up and all important gossip and news. It interrupts the flow of the evening. What about a romantic dinner – I am cringing at the thought of doing the ‘who pays the check’ dance at the beginning of a first date! Awkward!!!

I want to be offered dessert and coffee and tea. I’m trying to be good here, I’m telling myself I don’t need dessert – twist my arm, it doesn’t need much twisting, I assure you!

I am an Interior Decorator. The first thing I tell my clients is “let me give you the option to have it all, if I don’t give you the option and you don’t know what is available, you can’t say yes or no”. They can take all of my ideas or half of my ideas, it doesn’t matter, they have still had the opportunity to make an educated decision about what they want. Give me the upsell!

I realise my little rant here is likely to change nothing, but please comment below if you are having similar feelings or experiences. I’d like to know it’s not just me and maybe we can get a few places thinking about changing the way they operate!

Due to the comments generated below, I would like to make clear that this post is not aim at waitstaff! I do believe that for the most part, food is always served with a smile! 

4 thoughts on “Table Service

  1. I have deleted the above comment due to it's agressive nature. I don't mind conflicting opinions and it is always good to hear the other side of the story, but please don't use agressive language on my blog guys!

    The comment (which I am guessing came from a waitress) suggested customers are 'rude, arrogant, SUPER tight when it comes to tips' and that we don't treat waiters/waitresses with respect. I take that on board.

    It is one of those catch 22 situations, where you give as good as you get and you get as good as you give. I know I am personally always friendly, polite and out to enjoy myself and not ruin anybody's day with negativity, I know what it's like, as I mentioned I work in a service industry. But if nobody strives to rise above and make the extra effort then there is no progress and we will just continue the cycle.

  2. Sorry to be aggressive. It's just this blog really made me angry. If you want table service, go to somewhere that does. I don't think it's a big deal if a restaurant decides not to have it. I personally love it. I can get what I would like, when I like and I don't have to wait for anyone to ask.
    I always give 100% to my customers, Hospitality is what I love. But it can really chip away at your soul when it feels like no matter what you do there is someone to complain about something, and this blog made me crack! Life's good here is Perth and it's exhausting hearing people complain about things that end of the day, really doesn't matter.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment, please know that I am not aiming this at the lovely waitstaff of all of my favourite restaurants! My point is that there seems to be less and less places that are offering table service and that we are missing the 'dining' experience.

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