Picco’s Kitchen – Dinner and Brunch in one weekend!

I am so happy to have found

Picco’s Kitchen

38 Peninsula Road
WA 6051
Phone: 9272 4491

A friend has been telling me about this place for ages and we finally organised a post gym brunch date. In the week leading up to brunch I ‘liked’ Picco’s on Facebook. Around comes Thursday and they post their Thursday / Friday dinner menu – the cutest handwritten menu you have ever seen! (They are only open for dinner Thursday and Friday nights by the way.) Well, not only was the menu super sweet but they were boasting a beef shin ragu and I have been craving a ragu for ages! Firstly I asked myself, is it too much to go Friday night and Sunday morning…? Then I saw the Squid Ink Linguini and decided it would be a crying shame to miss out! So off we went.

I am so glad that we did! Both pastas were absolutely to die for. The best pasta I have had in a really, really long time. All the pasta is hand made as well, which makes it even better. The beef was incredibly tender, yet the sauce was light and fresh. The squid ink linguini came with chorizo and blue swimmer crab – yum, yum, yum, juicy crab, chilli hit, moist chorizo, lots of garlic. Amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of this dinner. It was just joy in your mouth.

We ate all of both dishes, how often can you say you had a pasta meal, enjoyed every bite and didn’t feel uncomfortably full? Bring on the berry crumble!!! Crunchy crumble, gooey berries, steaming hot with vanilla ice-cream. Need I say more? Lex got the mango creme brulee with coconut biscotti. Cracking creme brulee! yes, pun intended… The biscotti was exactly as a good biscotti should be, the custard creamy. It wasn’t particularly strong on the mango or coconut front, though.

The service was warm and friendly, the waitress who seated us asked if we had been before and filled us in on how they operate, how their menu changes weekly, etc. They offered the perfect amount of attentiveness all evening and always with a smile. The coffee is fantastic, the atmosphere is quaint and intimate, this would make a great place for a romantic evening or weekly date night. I will be keeping an eye out for future menu posts on Facebook! I also can’t wait to try their pate!

Which brings us to brunch. What a change from dinner! The place was buzzing, it was packed, certainly a popular spot amongst the locals.

I got the beans baked with chorizo and a poached egg on top, served with a side of wholegrain toast. My egg was a little overcooked- no runny centre but it was still a delicious, filling breakfast that kept me going well into the afternoon.

I also stole a spoonful of the porridge which was a different consistency to what I am used to, came with a bowl of beautiful stewed rhubarb and was altogether quite tasty, if a little unexpected. I like that it wasn’t your traditional bowl of porridge though! It’s always good to challenge preconceived ideas, otherwise we would all just complain about paying for something we can easily make a home.

The garlic mushrooms looked absolutely to die for and I will definitely be trying them soon!

Now I wouldn’t be covering all bases in this post if I hadn’t bought a bottle of “Poach Pear” (their own catering brand) Beetroot Relish and Onion Jam to take home, which I thoroughly enjoyed on a homemade burger! Will be trying the chutney next time!

Picco’s has so much to offer in terms of quality, ambience and food. If you aren’t local it is well worth a drive because you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Cutest menu ever


Beef Shin Ragu with Strozzapretti Pasta
Squid Ink Linguini with Blue Swimmer Crab and Chorizo
Berry Crumble with Vanilla Ice-cream & Mango Creme Brulee with Coconut Biscotti
Traditional Long Mac and Hot Chocolate
Chorizo, Beans, Roast Capsicum, Poached Egg, Fennel and Grain Bread
 & Organic Porridge, Rapadura (unrefined sugar) with Rhubarb
Haloumi and Rosemary Polenta Cake with Tomatoes, Poached Egg, Chimichurri and Beetroot Relish
Garlic Mushrooms, Goats Curd on Brioche
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One thought on “Picco’s Kitchen – Dinner and Brunch in one weekend!

  1. hi jemima, what a wonderful blog. we love hearing from those that love food as much as we do. thanks so much for your review. we will be sure to share this with all our staff – they'll love it as much as adam & I do.
    see you soon

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