The Beaufort Street Merchant – Part 2

The only place I knew for certain to be open on WA day was

The Beaufort Street Merchant
488 Beaufort Street
WA 6003

It’s old news that I like this place. As much as I try to check out as many places as possible there is always going to be a handful of cafes I just keep going back to and this is one. Good service, great food, awesome atmosphere. We got seated in the back section which, surprisingly, I never knew existed even after having been here so many times! All sorts of goodies to nosey through! Jams, relishes, chocolate, coffee, they also sell my favourite Brookfarm Muesli and Bircher!

I went a little rogue and decided to try something other than the muesli and ordered the spinach and bacon omelette. It came out hot off the grill and was absolutely ginormous! Big chunky bits of bacon through the centre with lots of spinach. There must have been at least four eggs in this thing, it was a monster! Unfortunately, the egg to filling ratio wasn’t quite right and I was left with this huge amount of egg and not enough filling. Having said that, there is no way I could have eaten it all anyway. 

The Muesli trifle looked pretty impressive but the portion size looked a little measly in comparison to my omelette! The girls said it was amazing and I don’t doubt it. Interesting way of presenting it too! 

Coffee here is some of the best in Perth. Knock your socks off, wake you up kind of coffee! 

I got a ‘Cure’ juice as well – orange, lemon, apple and ginger, really fresh and delicious but at $9.60 it would want to be pretty good. I don’t really remember ever thinking Beaufort Street was pricey before but at nearly $40.00 for an omelette, coffee and juice it is getting up there. 

Lovely morning at a great cafe with excellent company. Is there a better way to spend a public holiday?!

Omelette & Muesli Trifle
Belgian Hot Chocolate and gourmet food section
The Beaufort Street Merchant on Urbanspoon


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