Piccolo’s Corner

Thank you to one of my lovely readers who recommended

Piccolo’s Corner
58 St. Leonards Avenue
WA 6007

Let’s start with a couple of negatives. Parking. What a nightmare! Heading here for breakfast on a school day – bad idea, we had to park a million miles away as the streets all seem to be no parking and school drop off was taking up all the 2 hour parking. 

This place is CASH ONLY and there are no ATM’s around, so rock up with no cash and you’re up the proverbial creek. 

Ok, negatives out of the way. Every mouthful was amazing! Piping hot pumpkin and danish feta all smooshed up on ciabatta bread with a perfectly poached egg and pesto. Far and away the best savoury breakfast I’ve had in a long while. Creamy, gooey, abundant portion that disappeared all too quickly. Just quietly, my pumpkin smash does not even come close to this, I admit absolute defeat. 

My sister ordered the smashed avocado and lime with chorizo and poached egg on ciabatta. Really good, looked fantastic, the lime was really interesting and quite zingy. Lovely dish.

Their counter options all looked really impressive as well. Almost seemed like a competition between all the cakes and quiches as which one could have the highest tower of toppings. I am hanging out to hear how Mama’s caramel slice was. 

The staff were really friendly and welcoming and the service was good. The place is really sweet and quaint, more mismatched, vintage style dishes and cutlery, painted furniture, exposed brick wall. I feel like a broken record, all the best brunch spots seem to be following the same form of interior decor at the moment, I’m not complaining, they are really fun and intimate and cosy but they are getting to be a little same same, not that that is the fault of Piccolo’s Corner or even necessarily a bad thing! But as an exercise, run through your mind being at Sayers Sister, Mrs. S, Piccolo’s Corner, Little Stove – look familiar?

I did like the addition of the Stormie Mills paintings though. We decided to go to Nedlands afterwards and ended up getting a great coffee at Boubar whilst admiring another of his wonderful, intriguing, endearing little creatures. I work next door to what used to be Linton and Kay gallery in Subiaco so I have the pleasure of greeting a couple of them every morning. Check out Stormie Mills on Instagram @stormiemills.

Another nice thing is that I was planning to go to Piccolo’s Corner on Monday (WA day) but didn’t know if they were open, I asked on Facebook and Jesse (owner I’m assuming) was kind enough to get back to me, letting me know that they were closed. The best thing was though, that she recommended another couple of cafes that were open. 

Did anybody else have extreme issues finding somewhere for breakfast on WA day Public Holiday?! Nothing was open!!! We ended up at our old faithful Beaufort Street Merchant with what seemed like half of Perth!

All in all, take cash, go on the weekend, get the smashed pumpkin. I will definitely be back!

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