Pure Bar / Chocolatier San Churro

I think there is going to be a lot more dinners in Subiaco now that one of my long lost friends is working just down the road!

Pure Bar
331 Hay Street
WA 6008
Phone:9382 3330

Not overly exciting in terms of décor but a fairly slick, after work drinks style bar. Definitely the type of place you can expect to see lots of suits on a Friday night!

We ordered a Tapas plate for two, which came with three dips, a tzatziki, hummus and tomato chutney (I think!), some warm flat bread, chorizo, lamb kofta, tandoori chicken skewers, arancini balls and some salad. Not a bad spread! A little strange that there was three of some things considering it was a plate for two though.

The dips were nice though nothing I would write home about. The kofta was a bit dry, the chicken was only warm. The bread was really nice and the arancini were great. Salad was pretty basic and I’m not sure it was even dressed.

They had a big function on in the room next door so the staffs’ attention was mainly focussed on that, one poor guy had to stand at the bar and yell for service!

Great cider on offer that I haven’t tried before called Weka.

All in all, a cheap, light dinner. At $28.00 for the platter, you got your moneys worth in quantity but execution was a little lacking, however I will return on another night to see if it was just the fact that there was a function on. The rest of their menu sounds fantastic and I would like to try a burger!

Pure Bar on Urbanspoon
Well, after such a light tea and with so much to catch up on we decided that dessert was definitely in order and wandered down to

Ground Floor, 1 Rokeby Road
WA 6008
Phone: 9388 2288
You can just smell the ‘chocolatey’ goodness when you walk in the door! We were in a sharing mood and decided to be little piggies and order the Fondue for Two. Banana, strawberries, pretzels, brownie, marshmallows, nougat, mini churros and a pot of melted milk chocolate. Oh, happy day! 

It’s hard to get this wrong really, other than to say that there was just not enough chocolate! But is there ever really enough chocolate? Is there even such a thing? Perhaps we are just greedy gutses…Coffee wasn’t too bad, though I wish I ordered the hot chocolate because I know how delicious it is! I was trying to be slightly restrained after my Cantina episode where I felt like I needed to be rolled home. A few extra sessions at the gym required this week after all that but definitely worth it!
Chocolateria San Churro Subiaco on Urbanspoon

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