Bib and Tucker

I really wanted to be impressed by 

Bib & Tucker 

18 Leighton Beach Blvd
North Fremantle
Phone: 9443 2147

It has everything going for it; stunning location that is showcasing one of the best things about Perth, our beaches. It has a funky fit out (done by Marco Octaviano) that looks great, industrial, but softened by the artwork. The massive murals that are on the walls are pretty spectacular and have been done by a local artist in Pippa McManus. All the beautiful people are working here, plus Eamon Sullivan was there looking the part and making sure all was running as it should.

We arrived at about 9:30 and didn’t get a table until after 10am, which was OK, I was actually expecting a wait. The weather was good so we sat in the sunshine and watched the action on the beach – lovely! We ordered a coffee whilst we waited but it wasn’t received until after we were finally seated, about a 25 minute wait for two long macchiato’s… 

Unfortunately, the service and wait times only got worse from there. Let me start by saying that the staff were nice enough, my main complaint is that service was SO SLOW. Breakfast was about a 35 minute wait (on top of our half an hour wait for a table) and people who ordered after us seemed to be getting their food before us – most frustrating. We’d all been up early for a workout, so it’s safe to say we were absolutely starving and feeling a bit crabby around the edges by the time the food finally turned up. 

My woodfired baked eggs with flatbread, zaatar and watercress was really good. Steaming hot and the flatbread was delicious! I also got a side of haloumi and it was two huge pieces. I’d been craving it for ages so it definitely hit the spot. 

My friend got the roasted mushroom bruschetta with rocket, haloumi and semi-dried tomatoes. It looked great and also had a huge amount of haloumi. 

Please don’t be confused by “eggs your way” on the menu, you can only have them poached or scrambled. So if ‘your way’ is fried, you’re out of luck. 

The bircher muesli, wow… big disappointment. It was always going to be a hard sell after last weeks amazing bircher at Harvest Espresso – hence the reason I got the eggs. It was the stodgiest bircher I have ever seen! We all got to taste it because Lex was struggling. It was like glue in your mouth and then you were stuck in this difficult place of it tasting good but it being a mission to get down! 

Coffee wasn’t bad but it wasn’t memorable either. The raspberry lemonade slushie was tasty and it came in a cute, plastic sealed cup. Very tart and had a fresh citrusy aftertaste. Reminded me of being a kid and sucking all the flavour out of an icy-pole!

All in all, I’m not quite sure how to wrap this up. I really wanted to like it here, I wanted to be blown away after all the hype surrounding it. Underwhelmed. I was getting really annoyed at waiting for food and trying to catch the eye of one of the wait staff. It wasn’t cheap, baked eggs were $16.00 – no meat, half a piece of flat bread and two eggs in tomato sauce. I’m not undermining a great dish here, I’m simply saying I think it was a little over priced. 

I won’t be rushing back, I’ll be going back for crumpets at Gusto Food or bircher at Harvest Espresso first, that’s for sure.

Long Mac, served with a side of hot milk.
Raspberry Lemonade Slushie
Side of Haloumi
Mushroom Bruschetta
Woodfired Baked Eggs
Bircher Muesli with poached Quince, Agave Yoghurt and Almonds

Demonstrating the stodge…
Bib & Tucker on Urbanspoon


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