Phu Pho – Part 2

Phu Pho
800 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park
Phone: 9361 2139

I haven’t been to Phu Pho in a couple of months so when the opportunity popped up unexpectedly I couldn’t help but jump at the chance. Very glad that I did because they have a new menu! I imagine that if anybody had been watching me particularly closely whilst I was looking at the menu it may have been quite an entertaining sight. I’m sure my eyes were darting across the pages and my fingers were flipping pages back and forth like there was no tomorrow, trying to work out what was new, what was the same and what I desperately needed to taste! 

Luckily, everybody was up for a little sharing and we had five of us which meant I could cover all my bases! 

We decided on the Beef Salad with Tamarind Sauce, Crispy Chicken with Red Curry Sauce (a staple – was definitely not missing out on that spicy goodness!), Chicken with Soft Egg Noodles, Fried Rice, Caramelised Prawn Clay Pot and Lamb in Lemongrass and Coconut sauce. Oh, Wantons to start!

Lets just take a minute to reflect on the fact that my mouth is actually watering right now. I’ve been sitting here with my eyes closed in happy memory land thinking about all that food for an indefinite amount of time.

Right, Beef Salad. I went to Vietnam last night. Honestly, the most authentically Vietnamese dish I’ve had in Perth. So fresh, so zingy and melt in your mouth beef. 

Crispy Chicken in Red Curry Sauce – this seems to get spicier every time we go there – but I don’t care. That sauce is magic in your mouth. It is the kind of sauce that you smother your rice in and then want to lick the plate afterwards. Teamed with moist, crispy chicken? Ah, winner. 

Lamb in Lemongrass and Coconut Sauce – this came with chunkily cut veg, again a lot like you get in Vietnam. Beautiful sauce, tender meat, crunchy veg. This would be a great dish if you weren’t sharing. All bases covered. 

The Clay Pot came with the most succulent prawns and it was piping hot! Lots of mushrooms to bulk it up as well which was really good as the other dishes (salad excepted) came with same sort of vegetables. Tasted beautiful but I didn’t get a lot of caramel flavour. 

The Soft Noodle Chicken was maybe the blandest dish of the night but that is only in comparison to a lot of dishes full of flavour that smacks you around the chops, so please don’t mistake this for me saying it didn’t taste great because it was really good. Just more simple flavours. 

Fried Rice – eh, fried rice, I didn’t feel like I needed the rice with the dishes that we ordered so I only had a few mouthfuls at the end, basically to make sure we didn’t waste any Red Curry Sauce – that would be borderline criminal! 

Wantons, yum as always. See my original Phu Pho review for more information. 

My only minor whinge is that the service seems to have gone downhill a little bit. Only from the point of view that it was packed (as it always is) and therefore, it was really difficult to get the staffs’ attention. It felt like once we were seated and had menus we were forgotten about until we sought out service. They didn’t come and ask us if we were ready to order, or would we like dessert, etc. Having said that, the staff were lovely and smiling when they did come to the table and were fairly efficient with bringing out the water, drinks and dishes. 

I also want to mention that our total bill for six dishes, plus an entrée to share and three non-alcoholic drinks came to $125.00. I challenge all of you, my wonderful readers, to find me better value for money than that!

Fried Wantons
Beef Salad with Tamarind Sauce
Crispy Chicken with Red Curry Sauce
Soft Egg Noodles with Chicken
Fried Rice
Lamb with Coconut and Lemongrass Sauce
Caramelised Prawn Clay Pot
Phu Pho on Urbanspoon

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