Gusto Food

Thank you to my anonymous reader who recommended I try this place! It’s taken me a little while – had I known what I’ve been missing, I would have been there a lot sooner!

Gusto Food
86 Angelo Street
WA 6151

I’ve had a mighty big weekend by my standards, one of my best friends got married and turned 30 and we spent two wonderful nights celebrating on Rottnest Island! We certainly weren’t celebrating the quality of food on the island though, or the price for that matter but that is a whole other story. 

As a result of all this merriment, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather today (yes, I know – self-inflicted) but I dragged my sorry ass to the gym this morning because I felt like after all the horrendous food I’ve been eating I really needed to 1. catch up on some exercise and 2. earn a serious brunch fix!

Where have home made crumpets been all my life?! Who knew crumpets could be so good?! I was tossing up between the goats cheese scrambled eggs and the fruit and nut toast with honey ricotta, but then I spied the crumpets at the last minute and ran with it. I’m not a massive crumpet fan to be honest, they wouldn’t even rate in my top ten breakfast foods. It was the ‘peanut gravel’ that got my attention and I was curious! What is this mysterious ‘peanut gravel’? I still don’t really know. I don’t really care. IT WAS AMAZING! I would only like to know how its made so I can make it at home and eat it every day! Delicious yoghurt, fluffy, delightful crumpets and berries to boot. Oh happy day! 

Fruit toast – some of you may remember my rant on how hard it is to find good fruit toast!? Well, this is where it’s at guys! Yum, yum, yum. Absolutely delicious! 

I can’t tell you much about the ambience of this place, I was far too engrossed in my food and to be honest my brain wasn’t quite in blogger mode… it was cute but not particularly memorable. They do have toffee apples! Pretty cool. 

The chairs are too big – which makes it feel quite crowded. Service was good, coffee’s were prompt and not too bad. Food didn’t take long to come out, it was hot, fresh and clearly made to order. I’m only harping on about this because of the hideous breakfast I had at the Dome on Rottnest – I will not forget those shrivelled up, dried out sausages/mushrooms for a long, long time. I’m shuddering just thinking about them. Add to that cold toast, overly crispy bacon and a soggy hash brown and you have a massive waste of money. Just so you all know, I hate the Dome. Their coffee is horrible and I refuse to subject my taste buds to it. This breakfast was inedible and looked like it had been sitting in a bain marie since last week. 

GO TO GUSTO FOOD. End of story. You all know how much I love Toast in East Perth – I’ve just discovered a genuine contender for top brunch spot. It’s a good day!

Let me know if you discover anywhere else I ought to know about – loving all your feedback! 

House made crumpets with yoghurt, berries and peanut gravel.
Fruit and nut toast with honey ricotta and cinnamon deliciousness.
The big breakfast at the Dome, Rottnest Island. Never again.
Gusto Food
Gusto Food on Urbanspoon
Dome, Rottnest Island
Dome Rottnest Island on Urbanspoon

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