Gordon Street Garage

Very cool place. Industrial, urban, funky, eclectic and well… pretty awesome!

Gordon Street Garage
16 Gordon Street
WA 6005

Lots of different sections all with a slightly different feel to them, some with long tables, some high tables, some booths. Each table has it’s own pendant light which separates each one from the next, thus making it feel like you aren’t so close together that you could eat off the plate of the person next to you!

The industrial feel is contrasted with vintage themed dinner plates and serving platters which are truly delightful.

Service throughout the night wasn’t bad, the staff were friendly and attentive. We tried to book a table earlier in the day but was told that they only book 40% of the restaurant and that was full but we should be fine just to walk in and get a table. 

We ordered a pizza between three of us and two salads which was just enough to enjoy without feeling stuffed! 

The Hunters Pizza included salami picante, proscuitto, mushroom and truffle. The base was fantastic, light and beautifully cooked with a bit of that smokey flavour you only get from a wood fired oven! Was a little difficult to eat gracefully as the toppings were really big and the mushrooms were quartered not sliced so they just kept jumping off. But hey, I was with friends so I eating gracefully wasn’t high on my list of priorities! 

The salad with the Israeli couscous, wood fired iron bark pumpkin and pomegranate was really yummy. I’m inspired to try cooking with Israeli couscous again. Simple, yet very effective!  

Our other salad was the roast beetroot, blue vini (cheese), honeyed walnuts and nashi pear. Not too bad, the cheese really dominated the dish though and there was a lot of it.

My sister (I think she is on a mission to discover the best pork belly in Perth!) had the BBQ rubbed pork belly with granny smith apples. Wow. It was good! I had food envy. The apples were done in four different ways, I think! 

She also went for lunch last week and said I have to report that the coconut poached chicken salad was to die for. 

I’ve been told they have an on site pastry chef as well which would explain the spectacular array of desserts available! We had a chocolate, cherry mousse and it was alright. The apple and raspberry crumble looked great and apparently (though I didn’t try it!) was delicious! 

I’m really sorry guys but photos were near on impossible due to the really dark lighting… I tried! I will remember to take an actual camera next time! 

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