The Empire Bar – Part 2

I hadn’t planned on doing a second review, but my friends are so used to me taking photos these days, when I got there it seemed silly not to!

Empire Bar 

220 Great Eastern Highway
WA 6103

We were there for a big birthday do so there was 21 of us – quite a reasonable sized group! I would like to commend the staff for their efficiency throughout the night. There was always water on the table, they were friendly and as far as I know, all the orders came out correctly without the exception of one which was quickly rectified – steak came with the ordinary fries instead of the special request for potato mash. 

We weren’t waiting ages for our food to come out and the mains came out start to finish within about five to ten minutes! They also offered the option of separate billing too, which can make life so much easier with big groups when people aren’t thrilled to do the equal divide!

We shared a variety of entrees which worked out quite nicely. We got to taste a bit of everything, although much to my dismay the cheesy fries disappeared before I could get any! I can vouch from previous visits that they are disgustingly good. Don’t order a serve between any less than 4 though or you will be working them off for a month! Fries, melted cheese with bacon dust… Man food at its best.

I ordered the Quinoa Risotto as I have seen it on other occasions and never ordered it myself. Far too heavy, the croquettes were good but it was a struggle to eat and left me feeling like I needed a salad to cut through the cream. My friend only got through a quarter of hers and was not a fan either. 

The steak was delicious (yes, I stole a bite from everyone who would let me!) – beautifully cooked and the butter on top melted all over the chips – so bad, but so good! It was $22.00 steak night too! 

The chilled green tea noodle salad looked great, tasted yum and I think this will be what I order next time we go. Huge serving as well! The kitchen was kind enough to give us a doggy bag for lunch!

The lamb rack looked spectacular and was served on a very funky shaped plate. Really smart plating – look at me getting my Masterchef on! 

The goldband snapper looked and tasted great as usual! The lotus root chips are genius! 

I had the Brigadeiro again for dessert because it was SO good last time that I couldn’t bare to suffer the food envy if anyone else ordered it – which they did. It didn’t have as much sauce as last time but it was still absolutely delicious! Having said that, the other desserts did look pretty amazing – but I can hardly ask to taste them when I won’t share dessert myself!

I still can’t believe this place used to be the old Rivervale – it’s such a classy establishment these days! I’m glad it is just down the road from home as it’s a good meal for a reasonable price in a nice setting. I really must get down there for half price pizza night soon. 

Home-cooked tortilla chips with the Empire’s smashed chilli avocado and chimichurri. This was delicious!
Sorry guys, I can’t remember what this one was! But the steak was beautiful.
Cheesy fries with melted Fontina cheese, Jalepeno’s and Bacon dust.
Red Quinoa Risotto, Fontina and Haloumi Croquettes, Swish Mushrooms and Truffled Celeriac.
Chilled Green Tea Noodles with Sesame Mushrooms, Crisp Asian Vegetables, Chillied Cashew Mix and Ginger Ponzu.
Goldband Spanner with Udon Noodles and Green Beans, Lotus Root Chips and Reduced Soy.
Caramelised Banana Crumble, Honeyed Custard and Cinnamon Sugar.
Frozen Brigadeiro, Salted Hazelnuts, Dulce De Leche and Kibbled Milk.
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