Eden’s Salad Bar

Healthy take-away lunch anyone!?

Eden’s Salad Bar
151 Rokeby Road,
WA 6008

A friend of mine has been telling me for ages that I need to check this place out as a healthy lunch option. Took her about five minutes after I uploaded my lunch on Instagram (@feedyoursoul_perth) to text me and say “FINALLY!” 

It was not what I was expecting – but it is essentially exactly as the name suggests. You walk in, grab a tray, decide whether you want a wrap, a roll, a sandwich, or just a salad then you get to choose what to put on/in it and there is quite a vast array of choices! Everything from your basic salad veg to potato salad, chickpea salad, coleslaw, couscous, roasted vegetables plus a large array of chutneys, pestos and sauces. You can also opt to have it toasted or add a veggie patty or make it into a fancy burger! So much to choose from! We decided on a large salad and added a patty to go with it. Quite a substantial lunch considering neither my friend or I added any meat. Cost us $15.00 each – which means you probably wouldn’t do it five days a week, but for those days (like today) where you decide not to go to the gym and forget to reset your alarm for normal getting up time, end up sleeping in and running around like a mad person in the morning and therefore, have no time to make lunch – it’s perfect! 

The other thing they do that I think is pretty cool is catering. I could order a litre of soup for the three of us to share at work for $12.95 – pretty awesome deal, I think. Bring on winter, I can’t wait for soup weather! Don’t wait as long as I did to try this place – if you work in Subiaco, get on it! 

Side note: while you’re in the area – go and wander down the aisles at Farmer Jack’s on Bagot Road (in Crossways) and poke around all the organic and interesting product they offer (particularly the chocolate aisle…)! They also sell the Anskos Muesli that I love and the Pura Veda Muesli that is a great breakfast ‘topper’ – see related breakfast post here.

Left: Spinach, Ricotta and Feta Patty with Chutney

Right: Lentil and Cashew Patty with Chutney
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