After having such a fantastic experience at Sayers Sister in Northbridge not so long ago, I have been looking forward to trying out their counterpart in Leederville. 

224 Carr Street
WA 6007

The menu sounded fantastic, there was half a dozen things that sounded really delicious and I could quite happily have eaten. I have mixed feelings because when we got there the menu differed to the one on the website. Not really a problem – I actually credit them for frequently changing the menu – that’s brilliant! But I also feel like it’s important to keep the website updated or label it a sample menu because they regularly change it to suit the season, the chef, whatever the case may be. My point is that I wanted the hot cakes and they weren’t on the menu. 

Never fear, I found Zucchini and Mint Fritters with Poached Egg and thought ‘yes, please!’ they sound perfect! I admit that since I couldn’t go mad on the hotcakes with white chocolate and honeycomb that I thought perhaps I didn’t need to totally negate my morning gym session and that this might be a semi healthy alternative (I’m guessing)! 

So disappointed… It is killing me to say this because Sayers Sister was great! It’s in my favourites! I had high expectations and I feel let down. I wouldn’t call these fritters. They were more like deep fried Zucchini Doughnut Balls. I could barely even see any Zucchini let alone taste any Mint and my egg was a little overcooked. I was expecting a traditional flat, fried fritter with lots of veg and a zing of fresh mint flavour. I felt so greasy afterwards. I also felt that it was quite expensive at over $21. Unfortunately, money not well spent. 

My cousin had the Potato Rosti with Poached Eggs. The Rosti wasn’t bad – big thick wedge of it with a nice crunchy outside. She said that the lemon scented spinach was the dominant flavour though and was a little much.

My sister had Bacon and Eggs – no complaints. Bacon and Eggs as expected. 

Coffee? Eh, I’ve had better.

Service? Not bad, food came out really quickly. Lex got Banana and Chocolate Bread to take away and she will vouch for that bering absolutely delicious! I really don’t like banana so you’ll have to take her word on this one! They were kind enough to give her a little take away container of the maple butter too, which was nice! 

Ambience? Sayers doesn’t have the quirky flavour that Sayers Sister has. I have been to so many great places lately that have offered something quite different so I’m being a little picky. It was very busy, very crowded and hard to really get a feel for it.

All in all, one day I will go back and give it another go – maybe on a week day so it won’t be so busy. But, with so many restaurants/cafes on my list of places to get to, I’m struggling to get back to my favourites on the odd occasion, let alone go back to places that have been average in comparison. 

Zucchini and Mint Fritters with Poached Egg, Salsa and Rocket. 
Potato Rosti with Poached Eggs, Bacon, Onion Jam and Lemon Wilted Spinach
Bacon and Eggs on Ciabatta
Traditional Long Mac, Cappuccino and Tea for One. 
Sayers on Urbanspoon


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