Cookie Dough / Littlesweet Baking

I had the best start to a day anybody could ever ask for on Sunday. I did a (nearly) 7km run, went to a Body Combat class and then had a cup cake for Breakfast.

Cookie Dough
88 George Street
East Fremantle


East Freo is nowhere near where I live. This was a special trip – granted, it was to visit the Araluen Chilli Festival (best finish to a day!) but I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and check out Cookie Dough at the same time. 

Why did I want to go to Cookie Dough? It’s a little off the beaten track – meaning only that it isn’t on the main Cap Strip though, lets not get carried away thinking it’s miles away in the middle of nowhere! It’s in a sweet little section of Freo at it’s finest. It almost feels like it could be in York or something. I went to Cookie Dough because they have Littlesweet Baking cup cakes!! 

Littlesweet Baking – I recommend that you ‘like’ her on Facebook!
24 Lee Avenue
(This is a house, not a cafe – she works from home!)

Let me be clear. THESE ARE NOT ORDINARY CUP CAKES. You also need to know that Littlesweet Baking uses social media to assault your senses without warning. I’m talking waking up in the morning to photos of the most spectacular array of baked goods! Brownies, cup cakes, cakes, chocolate and caramel in all its glory and I (a very serious chocoholic) am left thinking about them all day long. Some days it’s torture but it’s always intriguing to see what she is trying out and baking. Plus, it’s always good to know what markets she is at in case you need a quick fix! Social media at its finest!

I have been eagerly anticipating one of these cup cakes for a really. Long. Time. A combination of three of my absolute FAVOURITE things at the moment – Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel and Chocolate. I don’t know that Megan would necessarily encourage this but I had a huge moment of terror thinking I might turn up on Sunday and there would be no Chocolate mud cup cakes with peanut butter frosting and salted caramel so I put in a sheepish request on Facebook for them to be there… She obliged and I was, beyond the shadow of doubt the HAPPIEST Perth Food Blogger / chocoholic / peanut butter fanatic on Sunday. 

I can’t even describe the heaven I went to eating this cup cake. My friend and I quite seriously scraped the wrappers clean. Had I been alone with the cup cake I would have licked it clean. I admit it. Go on Facebook, drool over the pics, go and get a cup cake. You can thank me later. Probably after you’ve invested in some Salted Caramel Bars (wow), ordered a Brownie Mix (so moist, they just melt in your mouth) and arranged an afternoon tea just as an excuse to order a mixed box of cup cakes! 

If per chance you read this Littlesweet, thank you for your constant Facebook updates and entertainment, your competitions, your passion for baking and for the best cup cake I have ever had!

Onto Cookie Dough… The barista was delightful! He was friendly and cheerful for a lazy Sunday morning. The coffee was great too! Perfect size cup (for me – I know everybody has their own idea of the ‘right’ size cup!) it certainly hit the spot. 

They are rocking the semi-industrial vibe with some exposed red brick and the big glass light bulbs. The whole place has a funky feel to it and I like that the upstairs section has a variety of semi-separated areas – a big table suited to large groups, the ‘chill out’ section with a couch and coffee table as well as a few smaller tables. It’s not crowded so it feels really welcoming and comfortable, kind of like they’re subconsciously telling you to ‘sit, stay a while, enjoy!”. That plus friendly staff and great coffee has you definitely thinking perhaps a second coffee is in order and I suppose whilst I’m here I should have a cookie too! It is called Cookie Dough, after all!

Cookie Dough Biscuits on Urbanspoon


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