Veggie Mama

This one is only going to be a short review as this is definitely more of a cafe than a restaurant and therefore I don’t think there is a lot of point focusing on service or ambience – because there isn’t much of either… All I want to talk about is the food!

Hooray!! for
Veggie Mama
Corner Beaufort and Vincent Street

I wish I worked in Mount Lawley. I would be here for lunch every day (and probably broke because of it. My lunch cost $22.50… Granted it was a Public Holiday so there may have been a surcharge).

However, it was bloody good!! Two different types of fresh salad with a hot, delicious Almond and Chia Patty, making for a really nice change from a burger or roll or any other lunch basic full of starch and condiments or fried in oil.

I got a Quinoa, Pumpkin and Chickpea Salad and a Pickled (I think) Beetroot and Carrot salad. My friend ordered a Mushroom and Quinoa Patty with a really interesting Asian style Salad that included Coconut, Sultanas and Chinese Lettuce as well as a Cabbage Salad. I stole a forkful of the Asian one and it was yum! Coconut was a really interesting and tasty addition.

So nice to find a healthy alternative too! I should also mention it is totally vegetarian and free from animal products. The coffee is Fair Trade and none of their hot food is fried.

I left feeling really satisfied and guilt free! Will definitely go back!

Almond and Chia Patty with Salads / Mushroom and Quinoa Patty with Salads
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