High Road Hotel

This used to be my local pub. I’ve had some great times at this place – seen one of my favourite Aussie bands – Thirsty Merc a few times, had send offs for friends and work colleagues, engagement parties. Lots of great memories and laughs. 

The High Road Hotel 
365 High Road
Ph: 9457 0477

They have a proper restaurant section, private rooms and a really lovely outdoor area perfect for an afternoon in the sunshine with a Beer (or a Diet Coke for me)!

Spent a truly special afternoon with family here last week and it’s one I will remember for a long time for reasons other than the food – but since I was there I thought I couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste as there was so many of us – photos galore for you all! 

Steak and Chips
Slider Duo
Disappointing… Hard to eat, one bun was clearly more toasted than the other. The patties were not a lot more than basic pork mince with cheddar cheese stacked up on top. This is one of those times where I was left thinking “I could make something so much better at home…”
Steak Sandwich
Fish and Chips
The ultimate pub food – Chicken Parma!
Nice outdoor / bistro area, I will be back at some stage, no doubt, but it won’t be the food bringing me back. Nothing wrong with it – just your typical PUB FOOD. Don’t over think it. Just eat it!
High Road Hotel on Urbanspoon

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