A few years ago someone recommended this place to me and my immediate thought was “but Rockingham is so far awayyyyyy”, but we made the effort and it was a fantastic night out! We sat outside, pretty much right on the beach, watched the sun go down and then people watched all evening. It was a perfect night!

I have been really looking forward to going again. Last weekend we had our annual girls weekend away in Shoalwater Bay – only five minutes down the road – it seemed the logical place to go! I have a sneaking suspicion that it is going to be a tradition from now on…

Rustico Tapas
61 Rockingham Beach Road
WA 6168
Phone: 9528 4111

You can book online with these guys which is pretty handy too!

We absolutely FEASTED. What a night! Great food, great service! We all rolled home and into bed very happy ladies. It is worth the trip, go and make a night of it, wait the 25 minutes for the Chocolate Fondant (if only I could have fitted it in…) Get some friends together and check it out. 

Rustico has a very intimate ambience, dark and moody with sweet little coloured lanterns about the place and funky wallpaper. My very picky teeny, tiny negative would be that it was pretty jam packed with tables and there wasn’t an awful lot of room to move. My poor pregnant cousin was well squished into the corner! 

On a random side note.. I really like their business card.

Onto the food!
May as well start with the dish of the night! 
Amelia Park Lamb Truffles with Mint and Pea Puree
Shredded Lamb encased in something smooth and delicious (potato??). 
It was the first dish to come out and it was the best. Not by far but general consensus was that it was the favourite dish for sure! I’m going to say it – Amaze-balls! 
Fried Goats Cheese with Orange Blossom Honey
Very strong cheese but in a good way! Couldn’t eat more than one but the honey was to die for. 
Scallops and Chorizo with Pear Puree and Candied Jamon
Scallops were beautifully cooked, I was feeling pretty full by this point and feel like I would have enjoyed it more with less food in my belly… But yum!
Chickpea Battered Prawns with Guacamole and Aioli
This was my least favourite dish but there was others around the table who loved it so you’ll have to decide for yourself! The Guac and Aioli was a strange combination to me but the Prawns were well cooked.
Air Dried Wagyu with Baby Beets, Goats Curd and Mini Croquettes
Yum. Yum. Awesome. ‘These are a few of my favourite things’. Delicious. Enough said. 
Chicken Empanada’s with Chutney
This dish was the only one I thought average. I wasn’t a fan of the prawns based on flavour and I’m happy to concede that was a personal thing. I didn’t like this dish based on execution. The pastry was really thick and there wasn’t enough filling in the Empanadas. 
Sweet Corn and Cheese Croquettes
A tapas staple. Always a winner and did not disappoint!
Churros with Hot Chocolate Sauce and White Chocolate Butterscotch Sauce 
What’s not to like, really? Hot, gooey, chocolately, sugary goodness. I do recommend sharing a plate though… Oh, who am I kidding!? On a good night I’d nail this dessert and I’m pretty sure I did the first time we came here but after everything else we ate, we shared two plates between the six of us quite happily!! 
Guest reviewer sitting next to me – my sister Alexis, just made the big call of “best tapas in Perth”. I’m not sure I can put it above Amphoras to top the list but it’s up there. 
Rústico Tapas & Bar on Urbanspoon

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