Sayers Sister

What a surprise! We were planning to check out the Tuck Shop Cafe but it was closed so we ended up at Sayers Sister instead.

Sayers Sister
236 Lake Street
Tuesday through Sunday for Brekky & Lunch

What a fantastic atmosphere! It felt like being greeted by a long lost friend. We walked in and I instantly felt like “yep, this is my kind of place!” There are single tables with quirky mismatched chairs and tables big enough for groups. We sat at the long concrete share table, up close and personal with my very best strangers (one of whom happened to be Rai Thistletwayte from Thirsty Merc)! There’s vases full of lollies, sugar, tip jars along the centre of the table which kind of gives off a Willy Wonka vibe – such fun decor! Loved it! 

There were half a dozen things I would have been happy to order off the menu but I settled on Corn and Potato Croquettes with Poached Eggs, Spinach and a Capsicum salsa type thing. It came without any toast which I initially thought was a bit strange but it turns out it would have been unnecessary – didn’t need it! The eggs were perfectly poached and the croquettes were so creamy on the inside and super crunchy on the outside. Knockout dish! 

My friend ordered the Poached Eggs with Potato Rosti and she was pretty impressed as well! I tasted the Rosti and it was pretty good. There certainly wasn’t anything left on either of our plates!

The benefit of a share table is that we got to see lots of other dishes come out, the Granola looked great – served in a jar with a little shooter of yoghurt on the side. The Bubble and Squeak looked incredibly indulgent. The Scrambled eggs looked really good and I don’t even like scrambled eggs much. There was some sort of really dark coloured toast that was almost two inches thick that look pretty impressive. 

The mugs the coffee was served in were super cute with pretty little patterns on them as well – big bonus points, I love kitchenware.. 

To wrap it, go and check out Sayers Sister, not just brunch but a fun experience too.

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