Sue Lewis Artisan Chocolatier

Sue Lewis has opened up her new Chocolate Shop in Subiaco/Shenton Park this week! She will no longer be at the markets but never fear, she’s not far away! The shop is open 10am to 6pm and it is well and truly worth the visit – If for no other reason than the heavenly assault on your senses from the chocolately goodness smell as you walk in!

44 Derby Road
0452 423 323

There are festive treats with Christmas Pudding, Pimm’s Cocktail and Vanilla Snowball! I still maintain that the Salted Caramel is something that should be eaten alone in the dark.. The Raspberry is like a flavour explosion in your mouth and I am trying to save the Champagne until after dinner but we will see how the willpower holds out. 

She is obviously passionate about what she does and with her friendly, generous attitude and no doubt she already has a cult following, I’m sure her business will take off in leaps and bounds! 

Go and grab some in time for Chrissy, I’ll be back sooner rather than later I am sure. I think my Secret Santa this year is in for a treat! Any excuse will do as far as I’m concerned…! 

Top Row – left to right: Champagne, Pimm’s Cocktail, Vanilla Snowball
Bottom Row – left to right: Salted Caramel, Raspberry, Rosewater

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