Let me start by saying I LOVE this place.

Amphoras Bar
1303 Hay Street
WA 6005

Service is always good, tapas are amazing and the ambience is smart and sophisticated. To date the best tapas I have enjoyed in Perth! 

The Arancini were hot, crunchy on the outside and deliciously oozy on the inside. The Calamari was crispy and the saffron aioli the perfect accompaniment. The Croquetas of the day were some sort of bacon yumminess. The chorizo came out quite a while after we received everything else (think they forgot?!) but because the corn bread soaked up the juices so well and the chorizo itself was hot and spicy we were just glad we didn’t miss out in the end. The Patatas Bravas wasn’t quite as good as I remember – less paprika and more tomato on top but still a good filler and the prawns were beautifully cooked. Pork Belly is always a winner with me but I think it was the salad and whatever the puree was that really ‘made it’. The spring Chicken with speck, sage and verjuice was spectacular. 

I really liked that they catered for the amount of people on the table. We had six and they allowed us to just order six Arancini as opposed to having to order two dishes and have two extras left over. Big thumbs up for being accommodating to your patrons! 

The desserts were gorgeously presented with popping candy and micro herbs. They used to have a chocolate brownie dessert (and this is going back probably 2 years ago.. and yes it was that unforgettable!! It was absolute heaven in your mouth!) For some reason they have tragically taken it off the menu and every time I go I hope it’s back (it’s not..). Other than that I have no complaints about Amphoras what-so-ever!! 

If you haven’t been, get moving! Grab a group of your favourite people and book a table! You can get a heap of really good food for a reasonable price and to top it off – good service, which I always think (sadly) is a bonus!

From the top – left to right:
Crispy baby calamari with saffron aioli, Roast Pumpkin and mozzarella Arancini with house Pesto, Croquetas of the day, Patatas Bravas with spicy tomato sauce and aioli, Exmouth Tiger Prawns with garlic and anchovy butter, Plantagenet Pork Belly with Apple and Fennel salad and red wine jus, Pedro Ximenez glazed Rosa’s chorizo with corn bread, chocolate tart.

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One thought on “Amphoras

  1. Yum!! This is where we went for your bday hey mimes? So keen to go back.After your amazing description they should be paying you commission 😉

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