Markets, Macarons and Chocolates!

Farmers Markets. Organic and locally grown fruit and veg, coffee vans, freshly baked bread and baked goods, Gozleme’s.. what is not to love? What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! Have any of you actually thought about how many markets are popping up over Perth? It’s awesome! 

A friend at work has been telling me about the Subiaco Farmers Markets for months and what amazing chocolates she buys from there. Today, I finally had the chance to try one. (Thank you Zoe!) A Salted Caramel Chocolate Ball. Wow. It was one of those moments when you realise that sometimes, there really isn’t more to life than chocolate… A burst of magic, oozing caramel covered in chocolate… Incredible. GO AND BUY THEM!! Do yourselves a favour, this is more than chocolate, it’s a life experience..! 

Someone else I want to give a shout out to – Alexander’s Macaroons. Best in Perth. I’ve been trying quite a few lately… These guys are at Subiaco markets and Clontarf (Farmers Markets on Manning). Great flavours to choose from – get in early!

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