6 Carbs that help you stay skinny!

Further to my Bulghur recipe last night, I have been thinking about what other grains are easily available these days that are a healthier, less processed substitute for your refined grains such as white rice, couscous, pasta, etc. Then I remembered this article from one of my favourite healthy food websites and thought I had better share it with you all.

Quinoa you can use anywhere you would use Couscous. It’s so versatile and has quite a nutty flavour. Pearl Barley is fantastic in soups and you’ve already got a recipe to try out for Bulghur!

Plus, there are plenty of great recipes on this website for the above and more. There is even a menu planning section if you are trying to shed a few kilos before Chrissy! it’s definitely in my top 5 for information and healthy recipes. Try out the Hamburger Buddy – it’s really good! Using wholewheat pasta of course…!

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