The Beaufort Street Merchant

This was a great little discovery! Wandering down Beaufort Street checking out the boutique stores and picking up some fresh flowers makes for a really enjoyable morning!

The Beaufort Street Merchant
488 Beaufort Street

I went with my sister and we both take our coffee the same – traditional long mac. If we weren’t awake before we certainly were after the first sip! Woah! But they serve it with a little jug of frothed milk so all was right in the world and we were certainly awake for 8am on a Sunday! 

I ordered the Quinoa – as I seem to be having a love affair with it in at the moment and it was pretty good! Not quite as good as The Precinct but still a delicious way to start the day! Lex got the muesli which looked pretty impressive and I know she is dying to head back for a second go around! 

The atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming and the staff remember what coffee you ordered – I don’t care if they go and write it down, it makes you feel important and isn’t that what good service is all about, after all!?

The other ingenious thing they have going on is the baked goods table at the front… we accidentally walked out with a whoopie pie, some nougat and chocolate rice bubble treats..!

Quinoa Porridge
Poached Rhubarb Trifle with Brookfarm Muesli 
The Beaufort Street Merchant on Urbanspoon


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