The Precinct

Quinoa – what is Quinoa? Pronounced keen-wah. Everybody keeps going on and on about it – but what is it? It’s an ancient grain grown mostly in North America. It’s a protein and complex carbohydrate great for weight loss and muscle building. 

For more info check out National Nutrient Database

FYI: 1 cup of cooked quinoa = 222 calories 

What does this have to do with The Precinct? AWESOME QUINOA! Tender apple with slivered almonds and frothed almond milk, hearty and delicious way to start the day. 

The Precinct is a really funky space, the staff are cheery and attentive! The menu is small but well thought out and the coffee is good. 

For those feeling a little adventurous the banana, peanut butter and bacon toastie is disgustingly good..! And I dare you to walk out without trying one of their cannoli’s… To die for!

The Precinct 
834 Albany Highway

Open 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Precinct on Urbanspoon

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