Phu Pho

I spent the most spectacular 3 weeks in Vietnam this year. I trekked through the rice paddies in the mud in Sapa and experienced cooking in its most primitive and basic form – I’m talking fire in a pit, no sink, no gas, the bare essentials in utensils and equipment. It was incredible food, ome of the best food I’ve eaten in my life. I also embarked on a culinary tour you should all envy! (Intrepid Tours – and ask for “TV” to be your tour guide!) 

I was concerned that having eaten all of this delicious and authentic cuisine that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Vietnamese food in Perth – how could it ever compare?

I needn’t have worried, this little gem in the heart of Victoria Park offers some really fantastic dishes. The menu is extensive – sometimes it’s easiest just to go with the chef’s recommendations or ask a wait person. 

If you have a big group make a booking, this place is always packed! The atmosphere is small, intimate and really nicely decorated – have I mentioned that I am an Interior Decorator? So gold star from me.

My favourites include:
Shaking Beef – so tender, the Crispy Skin Chicken in Red Curry Sauce – BEST. CURRY. EVER, Bun Bo Hue is light and delicious and an easy option on the way home from the gym when you really can’t be bothered cooking! Wontons are great. Tamarind Pork, Lemongrass Tofu, Mongolian Lamb – all yum, yum, yum. Last time I ordered the Pho and I could close my eyes and imagine sitting on a little red plastic chair in Vietnam!

Phu Pho
800 Albany Highway

Open 7 days for dinner and opening soon for lunch.

PS – this is clearly not Phu Pho restaurant! This is 5am in the morning at a fishing village in Hue!
This photo I just had to share…!
Side note: Can anyone tell me where I can find REAL Spring Rolls in Perth? We’re doing them ALL WRONG! If you have been to Vietnam you will know what I mean… if not – just go on loving what you’re used to… far be it for me to burst your spring roll bubble!
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